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Why eyes on China’s should be 1 of the 7 “deadly sins”

According to Forbes “The world lost 66 Billionaires in 8 days amid the Stock Market Tumult”  – China, unsurprisingly, was hit hardest. It lost the most: 21 billionaires. The U.S. came in second (9 billionaires), India was third (6 billionaires) and Russia ranked fourth (5 billionaires).


For several days the news around the world has been something like…


  • Financial Stock Market derailed with the highest risk of triggering a new global financial crisis
  • The hot spot conflict country is Korea (North vs South)
  • Europe is under a massive assault with immigrants arriving from Africa and the Middle East
  • Tensions between USA and Russia with a weak Europe caught in the middle; exhausted and without any solid horizon


All at the same time. What does all this mean? Signs?

Beautiful Dark Moon

Beautiful Dark Moon

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Why Wall Street and Power of Astrology will make you question everything?

If you only read one article about Wall Street and Power of Astrology read this one – then Think and Act!


Only for those who still ‘pretend’ and ‘dream’ that they are the only one who has control over their lives it is still an ‘unknown’ that Astrology and the Stock Markets are not separate and Brokers/Investors are using it.


J.P. Morgan once famously said that millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do. 


Are we in charge of the economic matters on Earth, or are invisible forces ‘out there’ shaping the economic and social outcomes of individual nations?

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