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Feng Shui Residential Selection |

Feng Shui Residential Selection

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Good Feng Shui can create a harmonic environment for you and your family, and for an entire area, allowing all to flourish in the areas of happiness, career, academic, health and romance etc. We provide the ever-ready manpower and professional services that are sure can aid home occupants to create the perfect harmonious and comfortable living environment. And this is not only for your house, but for entire area development. 


With over 25 years of rich experience, our consultants can incorporate superior designs with strategic Feng Shui formations to ensure prosperity stays with you and your family.


As every little detail counts, we work tirelessly to put our rich experience to the advantage of our clients in the ever-changing environment. 


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Feng Shui Residential selection – a home resembles a haven that evolves warmth and comfort. Nonetheless, changes over time (addition of new family members, desire to keep up with new furnishing style etc.) might prompt the need to increase your living space.

Do not forget: a good home brings prosperity. Since ancient times, man has understood that a good home cannot do without feng shui and good feng shui relies on the trinity of Heaven (Luck), Earth (Environment) and Man (Personality).

Many people are now opting for buying land and constructing a customized bungalow or villa according to personal needs or even buying land for investment purposes as rates of property are always on the upper graph. Many opt in for investments in the residential area. While buying property land for making bungalow or villas or just investment it is important that you follow Feng Shui to avoid any losses in property deals.

First comes common sense, the basic amenities, and documents that are the title of the property and land must be clear to avoid losses. Check the documents carefully, take a professional advice of property consultants and lawyers and then proceed, you will save a lot of tensions and get peace of mind with your investment. Whatever the offer never compromise on paperwork and documents in property and deals.

The shape of the land is of utmost importance (even it’s inside of a residential area). Rectangular plots, square plots are best for any land or property. Avoid land or properties with irregular shape, the Feng Shui masters believe negative energy moves with such shapes and there is no stability in energy here. Though such lands can be cured with feng shui guidance. Round plots are confusing for Qi as the positive Qi moves around very fast and does not stop at any place so Qi is confused, such places are either too hyper with energy, yang or too yin and passive dull.


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