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Relationship Astrological Analysis |

Relationship Astrological Analysis


Relationship Analysis is an analysis of your relationships from several points of view (personality, temperament, compatibility, mental, emotional and aspirational). The analysis is divided into two major parts: an insight into the topics and an insight into your natal chart through comparative analysis.


What you get:

  • Text format includes 30-40 A4 pages
  • Period of execution – 21 days
  • Data required (for partners, friends, co-workers), your place of birth and your year, month, day and hour of birth
  • It is necessary to mention your location, where you currently live


Surely you have noticed how important the role relationships play in your life? Everything you perceive, observe and know is due to the relationship with another reality. Have you thought about that? Without this comparable experience, it would be difficult to reach a clear understanding of reality.


So we experience some relationships in everything we do, simultaneously, on our evolutionary road. We can say that without relationships we would not be here. And without them we could not exist in the future!


The power of Relationship Astrological Analysis


We all want love, compatible relations, and harmony in our life. So, we have an extensive range of reports to help you with any concern or question you have in the romantic realm or any other relationships (family, friends, colleagues, etc).


From compatibility readings to those focused on helping you find someone special, deepen your current relationship, or get closure on love lost, you’ll get a reading personalized for you.


Relationships exist anywhere; it is the inVisible connection between you and a partner, a close relative, a co-worker or even a stranger in the company you work for or want to work for. A relational analysis can explain not only compatibility, but the contribution of each person you interact with and the influence you exert on each other.


You can find the explanation of many ‘unknowns’ that have occurred in your relationships and how you can straighten then out. Most importantly, you can discover how to avoid making wrong choices in the future. All through a Relationship Astrological Analysis.


The ultimate compatibility report – answers your burning questions about you and that certain someone. This unique report rates your relationship potential based on seven key factors that are critical in healthy, fulfilling romantic unions. Your Relationship Astrological Analysis is a report you’ll refer back to again and again.


Let more good relationships into your life by ordering a reading now.


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