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Feng Shui Land Selection |

Feng Shui Land Selection

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The power of Feng Shui Land Selection


Feng Shui Land selection you choose your land, you have to pay attention to many details. To name a few: what surrounds your property, look at the way roads are laid out, look for nearby natural water features and check the orientation of different units to the water, look at the design features of houses facades and elevations. When roof lines appear threatening try to visualize it in the house opposite yours hitting directly at you, look at the locations of the localized infrastructure, always check the compass directions, etc …and the list can continue.


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Feng Shui land selection – often you get to choose what land you purchase within a few on the same block in large residential developments. Some will be far more auspicious than others. By getting this type of report completed, you can ensure you select land that will support you in terms of wealth, health and relationships.


Feng Shui can be used in many aspects of our life. It is a shame that very often it is applied solely to the interior decoration of the house.


Do not be surprised when we say that the external environment surrounding your home plays a 70% role in the Feng Shui of your house. To make sure the house you desire to live in is well protected and not in harm’s way is the first and foremost criterion you should consider. This is the fundamental step to ensure that the house you choose is well placed to enjoy benevolent Feng Shui. This is no easy task as we live in an era of high population where space is scarce and expensive. You will ask now, how would you know whether your house is protected or not? What should you look out for?


We are aware that, very often, we may not be able to find the house that fulfils all the good Feng Shui criteria but the least we can do is to observe what is outside the home – the land.


Early Feng Shui masters discovered that various patterns of energy influenced the human mind and body. When people were positioned with auspicious energies, they experienced good fortune, whereas when aligned with inauspicious energies, they would experience adversity and obstacles.


We can’t alter our Heaven Luck, but we can work on our Man Luck and Earth Luck.

Feng Shui lays down practical guidelines that enable you to select good property – property whose chi is not afflicted by hostile hills, whose luck is not blocked by harmful structures and whose yang energy is vibrant and strong. There are also feng shui formulas that enable you to custom design your luck. Depending on what sort of life aspirations you have, feng shui expertise involves fine-tuning of the Qi around the home so that harmony and balance are adjusted to satisfy different aspirations of mankind.


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