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The cosmic trinity – Heaven, Man and Earth form the basis of our lives. Each exert approximately one-third of the whole. Heaven is the destiny we come into this world with; destined but not written in stone. Man is how we react; how we choose to live our lives and Earth is Feng Shui; the environment we live and work in.


Types of Feng Shui Consultations Offered:

  • Residential,
  • Commercial,
  • House Selection,
  • Land Selection,
  • Town Planning,
  • Annual Assessment


What do you need to provide:

  • House Plan
  • Birth Data of all key occupants or key personnel (commercial) of that property
  • All questions and points of inquiries you have regarding the property.
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Feng Shui is the technique that reveals how people are affected by their exterior and interior environment. In the Western world, there has been a sharp increase in the awareness and significance of Feng Shui.


Since Feng Shui can change the fortunes and powers of political dynasties, in its early days strict controls were in place to keep the average person from learning its power.  Behind the myths and magic, a sophisticated universal earth science exists which can potentially benefit every human being anywhere in the world.


Professionals in the architecture, design and construction hold a unique position and the power to choose good Feng Shui design over bad.  The ramifications are staggering when these industries come to understand how much they can affect the quality of life for those who will eventually occupy the spaces they design. To consciously create structures that will help people flourish in their careers, relationships and health is a very big responsibility yet relatively easy to incorporate when employed at the very beginning of a project.


Fortunately, one of the beauties of Feng Shui is that major problems can often be put right ‘after the fact’ however the ultimate is to avoid these potential situations occurring in the first place.


Feng Shui is really the art of re-energising sectors of your home or office to activate Qi and allow it to ‘flow’ easily and smoothly throughout. In return, it will reward you with good health and good wealth. It is like massaging parts of your body to ensure a healthy flow of blood throughout. And ‘Yes’ it comes with a happy ending.


Your next question will be, why should I engage you to help me turn my life around?”


Our Consultants are practitioners in their own field and have a combined experience of 25 years. As our consultants, they believe in capitalizing on your capacity rather than leaving it to fate. For those who have some knowledge of the subject, it is good to know that we conduct our Feng Shui audits using Classical methods and systems of Feng Shui. This includes San Yuan, San He, Ba Zhai and Xuan Kong.


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