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Feng Shui Commercial |

Feng Shui Commercial

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The power of Feng Shui – A good Feng Shui it can influence the entire building’s money return


Money energy goes in every busy shop, in one way or another.
The ideal location for good Feng Shui contains both mountains and water, with a higher ground at the back to provide protection and support. The size and shape of a building can affect its Feng Shui, too. Is your commercial space designed to assure you a good Feng Shui?


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Believe you deserve it and the Universe will serve it.

A commercial property needs customers. And also A Feng Shui Commercial specialist. Is this your case?


There are many criteria that are responsible for a good Feng Shui: you need to look at the landscape and surrounding buildings to create an appropriate entrance. Once you walk into the entrance of a commercial property, the entrance or lobby area needs to have also conditions which correspond to a good Qi to flow in.

Water energy flows downhill. That’s why a shop or a commercial building should be on the lower side of a road. Also, a commercial building’s surroundings is very important. If there are any buildings in its vicinity that have sharp corners and reflect light, that could cause problems for your business. Buildings with a reception area should place the reception as close to the front entrance as possible.


It’s about the right time, right person, right place – these include opportunities, your personal effort, the product, the services and the energy of the place, that has got to do with Feng Shui.

The quality of your life can be vastly improved by the practice of Feng Shui.


A detailed comprehensive written report of the analysis completes the consultation process. Since Feng Shui is time sensitive, we encourage our clients to follow up after each consultation in order to make appropriate adjustments once changes begin to occur.


The amount of time necessary for a Feng Shui commercial consultation depends on the size of the business/organization and the number of locations and employees.


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