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Company Astrological Analysis |

Company Astrological Analysis


Financial report analysis for six months: 


  • Text format: comprises 30-40 pages A4
  • Period of execution 21 days
  • Need the following data: Year, Month, Day, when registered 


Financial report for one year:


  • Text format: comprises 30-40 pages A4
  • Period of execution 21 days
  • Need the following data: Year, Month, Day, when registered 


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Feeling restricted and suffocated in your career? Or, is your business bringing you plenty of stress? Ask us! Our astrologers will carry out a micro-analysis of your personal horoscope to bring you practical and relevant solutions that will help you solve your problems.


Besides, specific areas of life including career, finances, business, love, personal and property are astutely addressed with customized, tailor-made solutions and reports by PowerOfInvisible team.


Your professional life contributes significantly in your prosperity and growth. However, in the atmosphere of ‘cut throat’ competition, things become difficult. This is where our astute panel astrologer can come to your rescue, bringing you the much-needed guidance.


By availing this service, you gain the much-needed clarity regarding your career. This shall help you to concentrate your efforts in the right direction and reap the fruits of your hard work.


The power of your company astrological analysis


Company Astrological Analysis – a company is an entity, like any human being. It has a distinct personality, even if it is run by several partners or exercises its activity with more people. Each person makes a “print on it” with its own personality in every department or sector of activity. That is why it is important that the relationship between those who are decision-makers to be more harmonious.


And a company has a chart of its course. There is a date on which “was born”. Like any individual, the company has “established” under the auspices astral certain that deserves to be analysed for a better understanding of own potential.


Also observing the astral transits can see directions of the evolution of the company. With this knowledge, you can determine how to interact, and how do go on an ascending line.


A half-yearly or yearly horoscope it can keep informed about any events that may intervene. You will know when to sign contracts when you engage new investments, which are the moments conducive to new collaborations or when to expand your business.


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