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Bazi Destiny Analysis |

Bazi Destiny Analysis


What you get from a Bazi Destiny Analysis reading, regarding Health, Wealth, Compatibility, Career:


  • The analysis will reveal your strengths and potential. Learn to enhance your life with guidance towards the right path for you.


  • An interactive discussion which includes a general forecast of your BaZi chart and covers the four major aspects of life – wealth, relationships, career and health – as well as addressing any questions you may have as time permits. Offering advice and possible solutions according to what is present in your chart.


  • To enable you to see options, possibilities and even hazards in the next 12 months of your life. Specifically what is in store for you and what changes lie ahead as well as how you can prepare for it.


Bazi Destiny Analysis – through it, you can learn to be the best that you can be and achieve fulfillment. When you understand your own chart (which is created based on the year, month, day and hour of your birth) it enables you to appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. You can then make informed choices that will help you achieve success in all areas of your life.


Each and every one of us is influenced by energy in the Universe from the moment we come into this world. How everyone is influenced can be read in their own Bazi chart.


We walk through our life path which is set by the energy recorded at the moment of conception and translated into four pillars representing the year, month, day and hour of birth. This technique is used to forecast and derive a possible pattern evident from its translation.


bazi destiny analysis – The Power of Decisions


Bazi Destiny Analysis can be considered as a guide to help you make better decisions and allow you to design the life that you desire in the least resistant way possible. In a way, it makes a powerful combination of self-improvement and informed decision making.

Through the analysis of your chart, you will learn about your life path. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses both obvious and hidden and this informed knowledge will allow you to make better quality decisions regarding your present and future. Should you stay in a relationship or not; should you stay in your current job or on the same career path; should you strike out on your own or create a harmonious partnership with others. All these things become evident through Bazi Analysis.


You will discover who are the helpful people or mentors in your life and on the reverse side who is not compatible with you or even who is harmful to you as well as what may be creating stress or stressful situations.  Suggestions on how to make positive changes or mitigate potential hazards are also made.


By analyzing your Bazi chart, you can look What comes into your life and What comes out of your life – in simple words internal and external factors. You’ll find out that different personalities profiles approach their decisions in their own unique way based on the perception of their choices. Understand how each of them behaves will provide you with insight on how they make decisions, which can ultimately influence or inspire them to make better quality decisions. 


No matter what situation you may find yourself in, for as long as you are willing to make the necessary actions and choices, you have the chance to affect positive changes in your life.

Do not hesitate to send us your questions, if any, and get yourself to know Who You Are at the most fundamental level.


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