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Astrological Analysis Forecast |

Astrological Analysis Forecast


Department/Moment zero – will always be at your last birth date in the future, or if the time is near. For this, you need to specify where you celebrated your last birthday, wherever you think you will celebrate the next.


  • Text format: comprises 15-20 A4 pages
  • Term of execution – 21 days
  • Need the following data: place of birth and date of birth – year, month, day and hour
  • It is necessary to be specific where you celebrated your last birthday
  • If your birthday is in the next three months, can you please indicate the place where you think you will be on that day


Remember: nobody can create your life for you – except YOU!

Here we will talk about your future. As you head towards it, it approaches you and you become one, then it will become your present, and lately your past. We want to tell you that you should not (still) be afraid of what may follow if you ever lived certain experiences.


A Solar Revolution (SR) is the return of the sun in the same position as at birth. This event happens once a year, on your birthday, wherever you are. Therefore, it is like a charger, a re-energising for the following year. We will explain to you the probable direction your existence can move for the next year, until your next birthday.


The power of Astrological Analysis Forecast


However, the future will continue. But it will become only the one you want; the one you create yourself. Nothing else.


Everything that comes into your life is by your invitation. On it is written clearly the place and time. The forward-looking analysis will further explain how you can create future realities, by being aware and involving the tools you possess. The help consists simply of our advice. We can explain what tools you have available and how you can combine them to create everything you want. The manufacturer is YOU!


Astrological Analysis Forecast – in a forward-looking analysis, we speak of ‘seed time’ that may come. In fact, we will introduce you to ‘what is about to unfold’ in your life. Those are the seeds already planted and are already sprung. Their development depends on many factors but especially your own attitude. We can help you understand how you can participate so that your creation is beneficial and will bring you benefits.


Sometimes the right attitude, the right action, is all that matters. Eventually, you will notice that your future is no longer that which it used to be. It will be the one that you want. You deserve to consciously create it yourself whenever you want. For this reason we are very proud of our own participation in future creations. The astrological forward-looking analysis will be configured on short time segments. In an analysis, we have to include a detailed study of planetary transits for the next year. Beyond the time segment analysed.


In other words, you will get a detailed horoscope on a particular time segment and an overview of next 12 months. Beyond that the analysis contains possible ‘proposals‘ on how you can interact with the times to come; what would be the right attitude to encounter and configure beneficial events.


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