Our Pricing Strategy and the Reason Behind It


“There is only one boss. The c-u-s-t-o-m-e-r. And he can fire everybody in the Company from the Chairman on down, simply by sending his money somewhere else.” Sam Walton


To see the truth beyond the ‘truth’ and to remove the veil of deception we sometimes like to hide behind we speak to you now in a direct way about our pricing strategy and why it is important to you.  This will help you understand our philosophy behind the inVisible part of life and how you can discover your potential in soul, mind and spirit.


Everyone loves a bargain – Yes?  Everyone loves getting something for nothing – Right?  Maybe!  It is generally accepted that people value more what they pay for than what they get for free. When you get something for nothing it becomes ‘throw away’ or valueless.  You know you didn’t pay for it so you have no attachment to it.  Yet when you make a financial commitment you want to get the best from it.


Look at it this way:


  1. Pay for the Best in Their Field


When you have spent many years studying to become a specialist in your field; when you become one of the best (based on your results) you don’t expect to sell yourself for $1, right?  Your knowledge may be the biggest asset you own and that is why you are in your current position.  Your results speak for themselves.


Most people will pay for a good doctor or lawyer, for anyone from whom you demand quality, accuracy and a high level of performance.  You are paying for their specialist knowledge.


The Universe (All That Is) makes no distinction between the spiritual and material world, they go hand-in-hand at the highest energetic level of consciousness.  Yet there is a huge disparity in the ‘real’ world.  We see nothing wrong in a footballer, basketball star or movie actor being paid tens of millions of dollars each year yet in the spiritual or unseen world there is the mistaken belief that all specialists should be penniless, celibate and abstinent and preferably all three at once.  Yet in the great scheme of things who can provide the most value?  You pay to see a great sporting event or the latest blockbuster movie and then what?  How does it affect your life?  Yet you think twice about spending out for knowledge acquired through the ages that can and will positively influence your existence if only you are prepared to take the first step.


Imagine a world where the money received from you is used to change lives in a positive and productive way. From this point on lives become better, the collective consciousness is expanded and the world becomes a greater place.


  1. Nothing Cheap Will Last


Many people will go out of their way to look for the cheapest, or free option wherever and whenever they can – everywhere in the world. For some of us, after a certain point these things become like a mirage – we seek, then see and as soon as we get close they disappear. So we begin again to search ad infinitum.


One of the unwritten Universal laws states no matter how much you get for free you will pay for it in one way or another.


  1. Knowledge Comes at a Price – Everywhere and Every Time


Wherever you live in the world it is normal to pay a higher price for the best education, healthcare or professional expertise yet there is still a resistance to paying for the knowledge of someone who can really help you change your life for the better.  Do you believe that because you cannot see it, it is worthless?  Thankfully, that way of thinking is changing.  During the past decade there has been a positive move towards taking control of your own life.


However there is still focus on governments, financial institutions and the education system to provide what you think you want. You can look to your partner, family or friends for help yet everything you need is given to you at birth (and before).


Your Birth Chart created at the exact moment of your entry into this world, together with our immutable universal laws paint a very different picture.  This will become apparent in our future articles.


What you are paying for is our knowledge and its accuracy.


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  1. To Know What Life Destined for You, You Need a Professional Specialist


Are you still skeptical about destiny and how it can be deciphered?  Are you still unsure that you have the power to change your destiny? We can’t explain it better than Dato’ Joey Yap


The Universe has the unique ability to send you what you need every year, month, day and hour. You may say it is not what you want however it is most definitely what you need at that particular moment in timeWe have all heard the phrase ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ which simply means that when things may apparently be going against you there is always a reason for it and there will always also be a solution and a way out.


As an entrepreneur, one of the toughest lessons to overcome is self-doubt or self-blame and while I wholeheartedly support ownership of personal actions I do not support the negative and unproductive self-blame game.  It simply has no place in business or in life.  You cannot control what others think of you (that is their karma) however you can control what you think of yourself. And it is vital to know how to do so.


They say that if you seek success in life simply be your own authentic self, nothing more, and nothing less.  Let go of whatever drags you down, whether that be procedures, people or negative self-chatter.


Last year I had many inaccurate comments spoken about me and I had to go within myself to stand tall.  One of my biggest ‘Aha’ moments though came from a lady who turned my world upside down – for the better!


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