Unlock your Bazi Analysis – The Key to Knowing Onself

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War


As you survey your life, your relationships, and your business, remember the immortal words of Sun Tzu. Five thousand years ago he knew the true connection between self-awareness and success and five thousand years later his message is still the key to life and commerce.


Think about the above quote: as soon as a person knows herself, she will be able to conquer whatever obstacle that may come her way. Life is about self-reflection and self-awareness which equates to self-teaching. Moments of victory, success, mistakes and regrets may occur in a person’s daily life, but if they do not assess these questions of Why, When, How, What, Where and Who she may never be able to find out where it went right or wrong in the first place. In short, look within before you look without.


Better Optics + Better Options + Better decisions = Better Life

The key to knowing yourself is to find out how different traits, personalities and characteristics dictate a person. This includes how individuals view the world, cultivate personal relationships, and their existing sense of self. It is only through knowing all this that a person is able to conquer the battles that life has in store for him or her. Fittingly enough, the Destiny Analysis or Bazi is an integral component in an individual’s chart that helps to access these aforementioned points head on.


What Bazi Analysis Is?


A Bazi Analysis will undoubtedly help you know what you would need pay attention to in the never-ending quest of finding yourself. Of course, as it works both ways, this would be also applicable for a your understanding of the behaviour of loved ones… or opponents.


Eastern strategies have always proved to be successful in life, businesses, military strategies but, as you can imagine, they were kept secret because their powerful potential. For the first time we can explore information that is very difficult to find anywhere else. Thanks to years of historical research they are now open to the world.

Success  chart

Success chart


it’s time to enter into this ancient world of life-changing wisdom and revolutionize your way of living and working.

Book a Bazi Analysis and Decode your Destiny


As I already mentioned in previous article about Feng Shui, this doesn’t require magic or miracles – although it is easy for many to misconstrue it as something occult due to its effective and accurate results. False claims say that its power can allow one to escape fate and destiny or even cheat death. These lies only make people more fearful about Eastern strategies for all the wrong reasons!


Again, I urge you to use your common sense and logic!

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

  • It’s stagnant period and I don’t know why!? I can’t make any progress.
  • I’m facing a crisis. Where do I get answers or guidance?
  • Am I making the right decision right now?
  • Am I destined for something greater but haven’t found it yet? What is my path?
  • Am I in the right business?
  • What business should I venture in?
  • What kind of investment profiles should I go for?
  • What is the change that I need to make for the better?
  • Is now a good time to go into business or change jobs?
  • Is he or she the right one for me?


Bazi Analysis – How and When is useful to you

If you decide to incorporate Chinese Strategies into your life, first you have listen to Sun Tzu and Know Who You Are! To do this the accurate technique is to Analyse your Destiny!


This depends on the ancient and sophisticated discipline of Personality Analysis, which utilizes birth information – date and time – to analyze and determine with accuracy an individual’s path in life. It’s a tool that allows you to learn and assess what Destiny has in store for you. With foreknowledge, you already have the information you need to take the right measures to empower your Destiny and live the life you deserve.


Remember: Knowledge is Power, and being forewarned is indeed forearmed. Know that your Destiny has been mapped out for you since birth, but also understand that you still play a pivotal role in making that all-important difference between ‘make’ and ‘break.’


In a nutshell, you have to study your Destiny chart to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Maximize our potential in life
  • Strengthen our relationship with others
  • Understand other people better
  • Choose the right career path; and
  • Apply classical Feng Shui correctly (this is the next step to prosperity) as Destiny Analysis is also known as the diagnosis to Feng Shui, which can then be used to prescribe remedies.


Do not forget: with Destiny Analysis (Bazi) you hold your Destiny in your hands. You will be able to do the Right Thing, at the Right Time and in the Right Place (QM link). When we have these capabilities, we are empowering ourselves to make the most of what life has to offer.


It is a timeless system that is as pertinent today as it was many centuries ago.



My wish for you is to discover this ancient treasure trove of knowledge and the hidden forces that underlie your personality. Be prepare for “A-HA!” moments as you explore this ancient art and gain insight into the characters of those you meet along life’s path.


When you begin Destiny Analysis (Bazi)  you will find that it becomes quite useful on an individual level. In fact, “average” folks are quickly surprised by the technique and learn much about themselves and their destinies. A big business tycoon or a superstar already thinks he knows it all. Average people are more open to new knowledge and are more grateful when they win its benefits. The rich and famous can throw money at a problem. We normal people have to be smarter.


Your First Bazi Analysis


Destiny – Bazi Analysis is a powerful tool that levels the playing field for us all. Sure you and many cannot be able to call upon an in-house Bazi adviser like the truly rich and wealthy can, but access to Bazi, be it for knowledge or education is no longer only in the purview of the fabulously wealthy.


First, let’s talk about the practical and not the hypothetical. Different situations, scenarios, events, outcomes, actions, and behaviors can all be defined as types of Destiny codes. Even colors, sounds, places, and attitudes can be converted to Destiny Codes. It is simply a matter of determining what type of Qi (Energy) is represented in the variable in question by adding the 5 Elements layers and then deriving destiny code.


Let’s see how to peel the onion and get the essence of a life-changing science.


Success in life = Preparation + Opportunities Preparation means maximizing your inborn talent and capabilities while fine tuning your personality to reach your true potential. In short you become a BETTER YOU!


Opportunities refers to the Power of Anticipation. This means knowing what is coming your way. Your Bazi can be viewed as a blueprint to your life’s ups and downs. It gives a rather complete overview of your life and it helps you to shine a light on your revealed and hidden personalities, characteristics, talents, and your unique ability to amass wealth and find happiness.


Your Bazi shows the path most suitable for you in order to align yourself with your potential wealth and business opportunities. It reveals the approach of how to better realize the opportunity around you and prepares you to face (and avoid) potential ‘bad patches’ in your life. It can help you make use of the many (or few) talents that you have and capitalize on the wealth opportunities that come your way. In other words, your Destiny Analysis is the warning siren of your life, making sure you are aware of trouble and helping you take the necessary precautions to prevent every predicament in your life.


The Power Of Knowing. All changes in life begin with Awareness!  Let’s go deeper to decode how Destiny works through examples.

Bazi - Destiny Analysis

Bazi – Destiny Analysis

Moving or staying


Along the way you may face a lot of questions of what to do, where to go and with whom, which one will be a good partner, etc. A good practical example is the issue of migration. Your Bazi Analysis can reveal to you whether your decision to move is wise or unwise generally, and more specifically, whether the period of time you are choosing to move is favorable or unfavorable.


Every town, country and continent has an elemental value to it. By reviewing these elements, and correlating them to a personal Bazi, a Bazi consultant can determine if the movement is favorable or unfavorable for the person from many angles.


A move many yield greater financial rewards, but the person could feel deeply unhappy living in a foreign city or country. Alternatively, the move could bring about greater personal satisfaction, but there could be some compromises when it comes to financial rewards or perhaps career opportunities.


Sometimes a move makes good career sense, but may produce problems for the person in other areas. Moving to another country and uprooting yourself should not be an informal decision but being informed does not just mean visiting the country and deciding that you can live there. Remember that a place you like on a visit may not necessary be good for you, from Bazi perspective. On the flip side, sometimes a place where you are not comfortable living in could be favorable to your personal development. Bazi Analysis takes the stress out of a move and allows you to truly understand the pros and cons of “making the Big Move.”


Health is wealth


Understanding your potential health issues with Bazi means you can focus on spending your money on managing your health better or making sure you detect any health problems early. Some people smoke all their life and die of natural causes at 98 years old. Yet there are non-smokers out there who get lung cancer just by breathing in secondhand smoke! Understanding your health through Bazi is like having an annual medical or blood screening, except with Bazi you have a better idea of which body parts should be monitored closely.


The Leader or The Worker?

Bazi Analysis doesn’t get any more practical than when it’s used to answer questions about money and one’s ability to make money or ventures into entrepreneurial endeavors. Is it a good time to start a new business venture? Is this business partner trustworthy? Should I change jobs? Is the new job opportunity better? Does my new business partner have a hidden agenda? These are issues that could be converted into Bazi elements and analyzed through a person’s Bazi.


If you are not suited inherently for partnership, then you should not participate in one. But if you choose to participate in a partnership then be prepared for certain problems. If you are suited for partnership what kind of partner should you look for? What are the skillsets that this person will complement your abilities? Can you be sure this person will be able to work with you?


Can you see how Bazi can be illuminating in so many ways?


Bazi Analysis is applicable to almost every major decision you’ll make in your life. When all the knowledge is at your fingerprints, all you have to do is make the right decision. You simply press the right button and kick the gears into motion. Who said Bazi isn’t for everyone, big or small?

Lead to win, by understanding your destiny

Lead to win, by understanding your destiny

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