The Greatest Power In Your Life: Your Bazi Analysis

The quest for self-knowledge and personal identity has been a universal human pursuit for millenniums. We ask the universe who we are and await an answer as if it were written there. Some of us take risks and some of us sit still. Why do some commit their wings to life’s flames, while others tiptoe through life so cautiously? It’s about Destiny.


Destiny is in your hands – the question is, do you have what it takes to take control or are you content to just go along with the ride and be a copilot?

Utilizing 5,000 years of practical observations, Chinese astrology reveals the attributes, driving forces, and possibilities that your birth offers you. Throughout the centuries, multitudes have delved into the mysteries that underlie their personalities. The insights into one’s character, lifestyle, and emotional makeup are uncanny.


This is the journey of the spirit through the physical dimension. It is said that we plot the characteristics of our personality and determine the purpose for our present existence. Truly our character reflects the intent of our spirit.


We are each born with certain ming (destiny) in this life. The Chinese phrase for fate is mingy yun. This is said to be an individual’s life purpose, or the reason for their present existence. Fate occurs when events happen as intended. Tian ming is our destiny, or our “daily lot in life,” when our fate (soul and spirit) is in harmony with our earthly personality.


The way a blacksmith can tell the quality of a metal by the sparks it gives of in polishing, the Bazi Analysis can follow your sparks and tell your qualities – even the deepest things you won’t even admit to yourself.

Bazi Analysis - start walking in the gifts and talents you have been given.

Bazi Analysis – start walking in the gifts and talents you have been given.

Bazy Analysis – Destiny and Luck

The term “luck” is rather unclear expression. Most of us know what luck is and are acutely aware of when it is good or bad. Although this luck cannot be seen, it is profoundly evident in our daily lives.


In Eastern philosophy there is said to be three types of luck. “Heaven luck” is our fate, the big picture, the framework or spiritual roadmap of our life. “Man Luck” is our destiny, the choices that we make, and the effort we put forth working within our intrinsic framework. “Earth luck” is the manipulation of our luck via the arranging of our environment (thereby altering the energy of external influences using tools such as Feng Shui).


Physicists tell us that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The laws of nature that apply to earth physics function in a similar fashion throughout the spiritual world. Chinese astrology is a form of “spiritual quantum physics.” Just as gravity pulls an object to the ground, so the laws of spiritual physics dictate that for every act there is a logical consequence. In this way, we shape our own destiny through our free will and by way of choices we make.

Bazi - Destiny Analysis

Steve Jobs about Destiny

Deeper Knowledge and the Bazi – Destiny Analysis 


The Chinese have always had a fascination with the metaphysical subject of destiny. It was this profound curiosity about man’s path in life, the journey of a person, and the question of Who we are, Why we are here, and What we are supposed to do during our brief time on this planet that led the Chinese to study and seek methods for analyzing a person’s Destiny. These later evolved to become two systems of Chinese Astrology, Bazi and Zei Wei Dou Shu (purple star astrology).


What fascinated the Chinese centuries ago remains one of the more enduring and continuing quests of mankind: to better understand ourselves, and to appreciate what makes each unique and individual person tick. And, maybe, along the way, to figure out why is it that we’ve been put on this planet!


Go to a bookstore and you will see a proliferation of books all attempting to explain to us, throughout scientific, psychological, biological, genetic or in some cases, just downright humorous ways, the question of who we are. And weighing down the shelves at another section called “Self Help” you find volumes attempting to tell people how to improve themselves beyond what and who they are.


Don’t waste your money. The answers to these questions and many more, in fact, can be found through understanding a person’s Destiny Code, or his Bazi.


Bazi Analysis is a system of Destiny Analysis using a person’s birth data, namely, his date and time of birth. The Eight Character Bazi chart is derived from the calculations of the elements prevailing at the time of a person’s birth. This Bazi chart is a sort of Cosmic DNA, if you like. A Bazi Chart is each and every person’s individual and personal Destiny Code. Those Eight Characters contain a comprehensive, and arguably complete, collection of information about an individual and his life potential and capacity.

Bazi Analysis  the Four Pillars

Bazi Analysis the Four Pillars

It may sound quite incredible but this is the genius of the Chinese Astrology system. A person’s entire life – here pitfalls, trials, tribulations, wealth, status, personality, characteristics, talents, and  abilities – are all encoded within these eight characters.


The Bazi Analysis consultant, who understand, what the various codes mean within the Bazi chart, is then able to ascertain what kind of potential or capacity a person has in his or her life and also, is able to determine the person’s luck cycle, which essentially indicated in which years the luck is likely to be less than favorable. In short by decoding a person’s Destiny Code, a Bazi consultant is able to reveal what is in store for that person in their life, just as a medical scientist can ascertain a person’s eye and hair color, and what types of medical illness they are likely to have, by analyzing their DNA.


Not Only Bad News

Some people are against the idea of knowing their destiny and take the view that life should be experienced as-is. More often, than not, people are against knowing their destiny because they believe that it will be self-fulfilling prophecy and limit them. I have also met people who take the view that they would simply rather not know anything about the future, because they are fearful of knowing what it holds.


It is not all bad news. In life, there is only one certain, and that is death. In Bazi and Feng Shui, there is no such thing as “totally bad” or “totally good.” There is no end destination, there are only journeys. Some days the sea is calm, some days it is rough – so in knowing how the winds blow, you can steer your boat the right way.


Similarly, I disagree with the argument that Bazi creates self-fulfilling prophesies, limits people, or somehow encourages people to kill their dreams. In the old days, Bazi was used mainly to determine a person’s fate. In other words, the focus was mainly on the hand you were dealt and simply knowing what kind of ‘life’ you would have. Of course, as a society we have come along, way from that mentality and present-day Bazi consultants approach this discipline in a very different way.


It tells you when disappointment strikes, when you should throw in the towel WISELY, and when you should continue fight the good fight. It does not destroy a person’s dreams; instead it points them in the direction of which dreams to chase because those are the ones that can become reality.


The Force, The Energy (the QI), The Universe into your own Bazi Analysis

Indeed we are spiritual creatures contained within physical body. When Heaven and Earth combine Qi, this is called Life. All living things need Qi to survive and to run their life cycles. Every day has its own energy, called Qi and every day the Earth is affected by different forms of Qi. The exact timing of Qi (year, month, day and hour) is selected to facilitate the Qi patterns (or your chart which is called Bazi) of the key individuals involved in the business to ensure smooth sailing and a good start to business.

Our advice:

As I gave many examples above, the biggest achievement for me was the moment when I found out that the destiny code can be decluttered and how you can do this. The most important part of anything is to know when to take an action, when to move, when to stay, when to act to gain the right outcome from any action you need to do. Find out what your Bazi Analysis says! 


Although I’ve been learning this this science for a while from now, I am still amazed at its accuracy. I cannot understand how Westerners are still in the dark.


Destiny is in your own hands. Stop listening to others and take control of your own life, your own Destiny. Think critically and rationally. Your belief define your life and what you truly believe in will build up your life. If you have a problem and you cannot understand its roots, how are you going to fix it using the tools everyone else is using – and failing?


Don’t be an ignorant about your own life, because when you can live your own life to its fullest, only then are you happy and can help yourself and others.


As I said at the beginning of the article – Destiny is in your hands – the question is, do you have what it takes to take control, or are you content just to go along with the ride and be a backseat driver?


Stop wasting your time. Choose to know what is good for you and choose to do what will support you. For this you don’t have to believe in miracles or mystics, just common sense. Do it once and you can gain the insights. Even if you don’t understand it, use its power as millions of people around the world have already used it. You will learn then that we can control our own Destiny to a great degree.  The purpose of of this post is to give you some “A-ha!” moments about yourself and those you meet along life’s path.


And have in mind one more thing: no Feng Shui practitioner can offer a complete service without someone’s knowledge of Destiny Analysis. Feng Shui is the prescription and Destiny Analysis is the means to make a diagnosis. If your Feng Shui consultant has no idea what your problem is, in the first place, how he can be expected to fix your problem? Would you go to a doctor who cuts you open first in order to find out what is wrong with you?


Get to know what is in store for you and what changes lie ahead as well as how you can prepare for it.

Book your Bazi Analysis now!


Of course, this is a small part of what your Bazi Analysis can decode your life. How is your life now? Are you running on the right path? Are you challenged and do you have obstacles? What will make you to take action and know more about your own Destiny? Think about these things and decide if even a cursory Bazi session is right for you. No life is perfect but all lives can be made better.

Bazi Analysis - walking the destiny path

Bazi Analysis – walking the destiny path

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