Decoding The Power of inVisible


The Power of inVisible Seen Through Examples – Real People, Real Businesses and Real Life – Can Break and Demolish any Bias

Think out of the box

The successful person and the unsuccessful person are looking at the same world. The difference between them is in what they see. I call it InVisible Power because we all have it, but not all of us are using it.


My thoughts before we go further:


Don’t believe it! See it! Search for sources! Judge results! Judge with your own mind. Before you criticise – THINK! I know it is sometimes difficult however always bear this in mind, search for it, search to weigh the pros and cons (the Yin and Yang) and keep balance all the time. Don’t go for extremes. There is not always black or white, good or bad. Always see the big picture of any subject that appears before you (especially when it comes from mainstream media – and I tell you this from my experience as a former TV journalist). If you develop this capacity, I can assure you that all the secrets are not secrets anymore. Go out into the big wide world and give it a try. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work first time, this ability can be developed. Some people are born with it and they have questioned everything since childhood, others develop it on their journey through life. Yes, I am lucky to have it however anyone anywhere can develop the ability given time. Through practice you will connect the dots in other ways.


The secret is to accept that you are feeling very sceptical and then, regardless of that thought, let your mind move on. The more you practice this the easier it becomes.


Refuse to take anything for granted, judge with your own mind and thoughts, by your experience and with facts. The most important thing is to take what is important for you and from there start improving your life.

Open book and time

When you read all the stories and interviews on this website please bear this advice in mind. We are united in our differences and every human being has their own story, their own path and what is good for you might not be good for others. This way you start judging with detachment everything you may encounter and meet in your life.  Do not forget also that many people find it hard to get out of the box.


That being said, let me explain in more detail and then you can see the big picture.


William James said: “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows”. (Think back in human history and see how things were developed from ancient times).

Look at it this way. What would your great-great-grandfather have said if someone told him that soon two people could be miles apart and yet still be able to talk to each other via a bit of wire? Or that a metal container would lift off into the sky and fly hundreds of people across the world at once?  You can imagine his response! Your present disbelief about UNSEEN psychic phenomena is just as understandable. If your great-great-grandfather could see the world today, he would no doubt think of the telephone, plane, radio, television (to say nothing of computers) as the work of aliens.


Perhaps that is rather how you currently view The Power of inVisible (psychic) matters at present; very alien to you. Just as your great-great-grandfather would find it hard to accept that humans could create all those extraordinary objects, so you may find it hard to accept other abilities that we, as humans, possess. The trick to moving forward lies in accepting that it is difficult to believe and then opening your mind just that little bit further into the possibility of these new ideas.


You need not embrace everything without question (as you’ve already read, questions are essential for growth). Instead use your disbelief to question further and probe deeper into these areas. For instance, if your thought on a subject is ‘This is ridiculous’  then ask yourself ‘Why am I thinking that?  What element of this is ridiculous? Is it only because it is a new concept to me?” If you break that down further, the ‘ridiculous’ element can be softened into an ‘unlikely.’ What then is unlikely? Nothing more than you currently cannot grasp the concept.

Funny Thinking Brain Slogan

This is an important area to look at in The Power of inVisible (psychic development). As humans, we are programmed to feel comfortable and reassured only after we have physical proof of the existence of something.  We need to see it before we really believe it. Someone could tell you it is raining outside. Your natural response is to look out the window to check if it is really true. If you hit your shin on a coffee table, physical pain tells you it hurts and that is validated by the cut or bruise that ensues.


Working on the level of the psychic we are dealing very much with feelings and sensing elements within us. Currently, we tend not to trust these as much as physical proof, although there are exceptions to this rule. These exceptions are our key to understanding more. What about the emotional pain you feel after a love affair turns sour? There is no visible scar, no real ‘proof’ of pain is there? But isn’t it as real to you as the pain you felt when physically knocking your shin against the table?


Conversely, what about that euphoric rush of utter joy that fills your body when you feel yourself falling in love or when your newborn child is placed in your arms for the first time? Again, you cannot see that emotion can you? Yet do you doubt that you are feeling it?  Of course not. Psychic experiences work on a similar level. The stronger the experience, the easier it is to accept that it is real. You may find it difficult to begin with, because development will take place gradually. For instance, it may take you a while to ‘see’ universal energy; the aura or chakras. However, the fact that you cannot see them immediately does not mean they aren’t there, it just means you can’t see them. All you need is the desire to keep trying and belief that these concepts might exist, to make things happen for you.


There is the wonderful story about American inventor, Thomas Edison (1847-1931) who invented the electric light bulb in 1883.  Being such a common object today most of us take it for granted yet do you know how many time he is said to have tried to  make a light bulb before he actually succeeded? Over one thousand times. Can you imagine the extraordinary determination it took to keep going under those circumstances with no-one actually believing it was possible? This is a fantastic example of a single human being who wouldn’t give up. This is not to imply that you may have to try a thousand time before you can see the inVisible. It is merely to point out that if someone like Thomas Edison can keep going without any support or encouragement, there is no earthly (or heavenly) reason why anyone reading this website cannot begin to develop their psychic skills and be aware of the Power of inVisible. Unlike Edison, you will be guided, nurtured and encouraged along the whole route through inspirational stories of success and achievement.

Light Fire Bulb

Why stories? Simple. We as human beings need real life examples for such a peculiar subject. We need to have confidence that others made the leap and succeeded. Yes, anything is possible when you really want it. Maybe you have heard this many time up to now. You will find this along the way woven into the stories written for this site. This is its purpose: to prove with facts the inVisible Power with stories from around the world.


It’s everything thinking OUT OF THE BOX! Others already have done it!


The American Dream is built on the foundations of hard work and good ideas, but many believe there is a third element too:  something called “The Power of inVisible”. This is the part used by the most successful people around the world.


Consider these two examples:

Donald Trump has been utilising Feng Shui since the 1970s. “You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money”…”It’s just another element in which you can have the advantage over your competitors. Asians are becoming a big part of our market and this is something we cannot ignore”. Donald Trump, The New York Times, September 22, 1994.
On the other hand J.P. Morgan said “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do”.

How uncomfortable does this make you feel seeing this? No worries. Let’s go further…

Chimpanzee Thinking

In future articles I will talk with all these big names and celebrities who are using the Power Of InVisible. I know there are a lot of sceptical people out there and that is why my challenge is to show you the other side of the coin, to let real life examples talk. For every story I will write about I will show you also how balance governs everything. Join in the discussion. Any idea put forward is more than welcome. Any experience you may want to share, be it good or bad, will allow us all to learn from it. Inspiration always helps and the help starts here.


Yes, Destiny and the Future can be Decoded!


If you want to read this part, accept that maybe, just maybe there is more to this life than you know and see. Yes, in some parts of this world are people who have the capacity to read what is written in your destiny chart. Ever thought about that? Ever thought you can ask? Yes, ask! Question it! Be curious! It’s that simple!


There is only hard work, determination, sweat and vision? Bet with me that there is more to it than that? Let’s face it many people are successfully using the invisible part, the Universal energy on a daily basis. 


A few years ago this was not at all an open subject. Fortunately because we are living in changing times many are now talking about it with more and more evidence showing up to prove its efficacy.


You guys should know that big business, politicians and VIPs from every walk of life are using what I call the inVisible Power or Universal Energy or God. My aim with this website is to show you, through story telling how, what and when they use it. I can understand your scepticism but as I said before look at the facts then judge accordingly. Time has changed things in such a dramatic way that anyone who has not updated his own outlook will encounter a diversity of problems.


Yes, we as human beings have huge potential yet part of it was not accessible to the middle classes and especially to the working class population. Fortunately in these changing times information is now penetrating to the masses big time.

Thinking Particles

The Mission Goes Beyond…


As I said, examples are powerful. They speak for themselves. Because it is much more powerful to help and rise than to obey. What does this mean?! Interviews with real-life people and businesses, genuine stories from around the world, from masters bring a new hello for your tomorrow The Power of inVisible stories. Stories from an angle you don’t as yet know about.


So what exactly does the word ‘psychic’ mean?


If you are considering developing this part of you it would be useful to define it. Dictionaries will give you a whole host of varying definitions. Here are just a handful:

* someone who claims to have unusual mental power

* having knowledge and mental abilities impossible to explain using present scientific understanding

* concerning the mind rather than the body

* of the soul or mind


Aren’t they remarkably matter-of-fact definitions? 


Now try asking friends, relations and work colleagues what they think ‘psychic’ means. Again, no doubt you will get a wide variety of answers, but it’s more likely that this time you will get a few words such as ‘voodoo’ , ‘black magic’ or ‘witchcraft’ creeping into their language. After they finish you might like to gently point out some of the dictionary definitions but don’t be surprised if they ask for physical proof when you tell them.


If the words ‘inner voice’ fill you with doubt and cynicism, call it your soul or mind for now. It doesn’t matter at this stage. Once you have spent some time delving into those deeper parts of you it ceases to be important what you call it.  All you will know is that there is something more to you, something that has always been there, you just never tapped into it before – then you’ll wish you had found it sooner!  People use various names for this other part of you: higher self, inner voice, gut instinct, soul, spiritual core, intuition. What is it really?


It’s the ‘real’ you, the part you usually hide from people because to show it makes you feel too vulnerable/frightened/embarrassed/emotional or downright silly. It’s the part of you that ‘knows’ things, not because you are highly intelligent or well-read but because you are in touch with all of you.


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