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How make your Own Luck can keep you out of trouble |
how to bend things into my favour

How make your Own Luck can keep you out of trouble

“If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way”  – Emile Zola

When my destiny changed and I started to climb up to a new life, I wrote it here. The main reason I started this project is because my life was improved in such a way that I could not keep myself quiet anymore. The real results I was experiencing through using the PowerOfinVisible broke the last of any scepticism I had – that final 5%. From there a big desire was aroused in me to share with people who want to come along on the journey with me.


When I decided to begin my new life I knew that somehow I would encounter difficulties along the way but this did not stop me from going on with my plan. I always know that whatever difficulties I may have in the moment there is always a solution for it – and I have experienced this many times in my life.


My move and trip to Asia went smoothly and everything went as I planned it to go. No issues arose along the way until a major problem started in the moment when my first term of Visa was expiring. 


When I took the decision to move to Malaysia I did not apply for a study or working Visa (which would have taken more time to receive)so I went for the simplest option of a tourist Visa. Everyone knows the rules for Malaysia are not negotiable and you have to accept them – and not break them. I will not go into details as to why I chose this way because this is not the reason for this post.


For a long period of time when my Visa was coming to an end, I was terrified by the possibility that I may not have the chance to extend it.  I am fortunate to have many good friends who are more advanced than me in using the PowerOfinVisible so I chose to use the ‘cherry on the cake’ approach (you will find what this is if you read the articles in other categories) to extend my Visa.


Here is where the Power of Date Selection comes into play. We chose a good day to cross the border to get out of the country. This was the simplest solution to extend my Visa, but not always the best one. This depends entirely on the Customs Officer you meet and if he wants to, or not, give you an extension. Then I chose a good hour to return to the country. Even that did not go smoothly but the Customs Agent acted very fast so as not to let me wait 🙂

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This is the first episode when I chose to use Qi Men Dun Jia to bend things in my favour


Time passed and new challenges had to be faced. A new country, new life and new situation.


It was not by chance that I decided to live in Singapore and to settle the headquarters of my business here. The business I run brought me to this magnificent land where I chose to start my new life. Singapore is also a favourable place for me. Entering the country with a tourist Visa (again) my “vacation time” passed very quickly and I began to see myself again in the same position having to apply to renew my Visa.


Having a tonne of things to do and running around to settle my Company in Singapore time passed and I soon realised that I would soon have to fix my Visa again. The date I had to choose I knew was not good, but when the mind gets in a panic you make mistakes…

in Singapore

in Singapore

Although I knew it was not a good day, I decided to go for it. I hoped that everything would be good.  It was NOT!  I was rejected without any real reason when the Officer simply told me that I cannot have an extended Visa. By law I was eligible to have 59 days more extended but I was simply rejected. Bad day chosen – bad result! That’s all! I knew the possible outcome but as I said, I decided (alone) to go through with it…


You may ask why I did it, if I knew the possible outcome? Well, sometimes you still need to take life lessons, even if you know something and have the knowledge – until you get those things right. (It’s a bit like you knowing certain food is not healthy but you still continue to eat it, right?) It was another lesson for me to learn even more – that the Universe gave me the tools to do the correct things and it is up to me to use them properly – or not! Do not make the mistake when you have the knowledge of what is right!


Going back – because here on PowerOfinVisible we have one of the best Consultants – I chose another day under guidance this time, to apply for an extension to my Visa and everything was done online.  Using again the ‘cherry on the cake’ good hour – good direction – and everything was settled online at this time.  Not only did I get the Visa online but the result was shown before the time it was supposed to be shown in their regular database.


The Power of good Date Selection worked successfully. This is how I overcame my struggles to bend things into my favour –  by choosing a good date and a good hour – correctly!


In future posts, I will share even more stories of what I had to pass through when I used the PowerOfinVisible to move things into my favour.

QMDJ or hitting the target

QMDJ or hitting the target

Should I Move or Should I Stay?


Since the beginning, I knew that SE Asia is favourable for me – much more than any other part of the world. And this has showed up in my improved life since I have been here. How do I know it?  It was here I took one of the biggest contracts of my life, after the Company I negotiated with, turned it down the first time. Later this will be a separate post where I will share more details – so stay tuned for it.


For example, BaZi is one of the tools that can reveal to you whether your decision to move is wise or unwise generally and more specifically whether the period of time you are choosing to move is favourable or unfavourable. BaZi can also help you determine whether or not the country or destination you wish to move to is suitable. Why?


Every town, country and continent has an elemental value to it. By reviewing these elements, and correlating them to the Chart of a  person a BaZi Consultant can determine if the movement is favourable or unfavourable for the person, from many different angles.


A move may yield greater financial rewards, but the person could feel deeply unhappy living in a foreign city or country.  Alternatively, the move can bring about greater personal satisfaction but there could be some compromise when it comes to financial rewards or perhaps, career opportunities. Sometimes a move makes good career sense, but may produce problems for a person in other areas of their life.


Moving to another country and uprooting yourself should be an informed decision – but being informed does not mean visiting the country and deciding you can live there. Remember, a place you like may not necessarily be energetically ‘good’ for you from a BaZi perspective. Sometimes a place you are not comfortable working in could be favourable for your personal development. BaZi takes the stress out of a decision and allows you to truly understand the pros and cons of ‘making the BIG MOVE’.


Taking Action! That is what BaZi is all about.


Knowing the problems and issues and then taking active steps to prevent them from occurring. When faced with a situation there are always options available to you.


BaZi is not about living your life in fear. It is about knowing what to expect, and dealing with it in an intelligent, pragmatic and wise manner.


In many cases you might find that there are some positive codes in your Chart. Then, more than anything, you need to Take Action because only when you do can you benefit from the opportunities when they arrive. Perhaps you discover that you have some talents yet to be awakened – then it’s time to take action to unleash those hidden abilities. Your destiny is in your hands!  Understand your life path, make better decisions to shape your destiny and  live a better life. That should be your goal in studying your own personal Destiny Code.



I know from myself, changing your character to overcome weaknesses is never easy. Changing the way you think about yourself is accomplished not without effort on your part.


But when someone is prepared to do what it takes and is willing to face up to obstacles and challenges – mental or otherwise – then Destiny has a chance to be fulfilled and your dreams have a chance to come true.


BaZi is about taking action. Doing the right thing at the right time with the right person or in the right place.


See the positive in everything. And when unfavourable, or negative situations happen and you experience betrayal or setback, don’t look at is as a reason to be suspicious or distrustful in the future.


One of the unwritten rules of life is that you cannot help someone before he will feel the pain or before the pain arises. A kind of ‘too real truth’ if you look at people around. There are a few people who sense this before it happens and make changes before the shit comes into their life, but most of the time they get into struggle and when no logical solution is available anymore they try something else. Am I right in thinking you have been in this situation at least once in your life?


In my opinion people who see only one direction, when life itself shows that there is never only one direction, those people still need to take their hard lesson because they still have to accumulate knowledge gained as a result of their actions.


If your life has some struggles in any part of it, do take action and find out how to overcome the potential results.


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I‘ve given you three examples from my situation in this article that can be used to strengthen any weak points in your way of thinking. You don’t need to try them instantly but give one or two tools that you find the most intriguing a try. And even if this will not convince you, at least let your mind digest and follow this website for more proof.


I will share more in the future from me and from others, but do dare to share your struggles in the comments and consider getting some professional help as presented here. It will definitely be worth it!


Editor: Lynda Cook 

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