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What you need to know 10 tips about Feng Shui Bedroom

Disclaimer: Before you read further I urge you to follow logic and common sense. Everyone wants a better life, deeper happiness, richer love, and a bigger wallet. But in order to achieve this you have to stretch and challenge your own beliefs while maintaining a healthy dose of doubt. Faith – and acceptance – are the keys to this amazing power.


Feng Shui In The Bedroom: Real or Fantasy?

The bedroom is the heart of the home. It’s where we spend most of our time and it’s where magical things happen. I’ve been asked over and over whether Feng Shui has any place in the bedroom and I always answer – with a knowing smile – “Absolutely.”


First off, forget what you know. If you simply search Google for articles about Feng Shui, most are literally focused on “Bedroom Feng Shui.” It’s almost impossible to strip the real from the fake, and most of what I’ve read – and I’ve read a great deal – is wrong or downright offensive. Feng Shui in the bedroom requires a level of respect and attention to detail.


To go further you have to understand what Feng Shui is and what Feng Shui is not, then you’ll understand that a Feng Shui Bedroom does not actually exist as a simple tool. Using Feng Shui for the home, office, and other areas requires seeing everything as a whole – the real! Classic Feng Shui cannot be done only to the bedroom, to the kitchen, or the living room because the Qi (energy) is everywhere.  

A modern Feng Shui bedroom

A modern Feng Shui bedroom

The principles used in a Feng Shui house are totally different than what you may find in cheap articles written for traffic. A Feng Shui bedroom cannot exist without having the house Feng Shuied. Whatever anyone says, that is not real Feng Shui, so you’d better carefully decide where and to whom you pay your money.


How things started and how wrong they get it


As with most things in the world at the moment, the fakes are rampant, and you need an amount of logic and sharp thinking to understand how things really work.


In recent years, the so-called New Age Feng Shui promoted at such a high level produced a lot of money, to the great detriment of what the real Feng Shui means in someone’s life. This may be the biggest detriment done to an ancient science and runs counter to what the classical Feng Shui really is.


To go even further, you have to understand the meaning and the difference between the New Age Feng Shui and the Classical Feng Shui. In New Age or Pop Feng Shui (of which the Internet contains an abundance) where the system is based on so called “Made in China” good luck objects, ornaments and trinkets put in the bedroom or under the bed with the belief that this will bring you luck and love… well the answer is yes – you probably need belief for them to work as these man-made objects do not generate the Qi on their own, but at least they are very nice decorative items, right?  


By the way, we are curious to find at least one person for whom those “magic tinkerbells” have brought any actual good luck. Are they suddenly millionaires? Is their life better after putting a horse statue under the bed in the year of the horse, or a monkey in the year of the monkey? I highly doubt it.


In Classical Feng Shui, the one you find here on PowerOfInvisible, we focus on alignment of Qi from the natural environment (direction, location, time, land formation, water formation) – whatever is natural and not man-made. You don’t need to believe in nature in order for nature to work. The energy is there and you are already affected by it, knowingly or unknowingly. Classical Feng Shui is about understanding how Qi works in our natural environment and learning how to harness it.


Can you notice the difference?


Another example requiring a little bit of logic: no one who painted a bedroom wall blue or yellow increased the standard of their life. The most they may have obtained was the Placebo effect (which yes, can work for a short period). As Feng Shui is based on energy, place, and time, logic dictates that no one becomes a millionaire or billionaire just from having good Feng Shui in the bedroom.


Going further: as the rate of single people and divorces increases, does that mean that New Age Feng Shui in bedroom doesn’t work? No, it simply means that it is not true Feng Shui. If you are really interested in having wellbeing in the home and an overall better life, you need to have Feng Shui for your entire home or office and skip those nonsense’s articles, use your common sense and logic, then let us know the differences.


Bedroom ecstasy through Feng Shui

Feng Shui bedroom - a city view night

Feng Shui bedroom – a city view night

Now that you know the difference between the New Age Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui, let’s see what a specific Feng Shui can do in your bedroom, but again: this cannot be done separately from having the whole house or property Feng Shuied.


Yes the bedroom is an important spot when it comes to providing a peaceful environment for healthy life. Sleep is a very important asset for your life. As you may know Arianna Huffington is a strong proponent of the importance of sleep in someone’s life.


A good bedroom form can enhance our positive energy and act as a conducive environment to boost our health. To optimise good flow of Qi for the bedroom, here are few things to consider, from our specialist in Feng Shui – MO Wong:


  1. Shape of the bedroom

It’s well known that in Feng Shui, square and rectangular shapes are the highly preferred choices. Of course, you can choose any other shape such as circular, triangular, or oval, but these will create an imbalanced Qi flow and are usually avoided.  


  1. Bed against a solid wall


As everything is based on the balance of Yin and Yang, sleeping is a Yin activity. Therefore your bed should be located against a solid wall, your headboard aligned to a favourable direction and most importantly, locate your bed in a sector where there are good mountain stars. The bed placed in a Yang sector will make the Qi imbalanced and the results will be seen in your sleeping behaviour and health.


  1. The door


An often overlooked factor in a person’s bedroom is the bedroom door. Even with a room in a good sector of your home, try and ensure that the door faces your favorable direction to ensure you are geared to receive the positive Qi that this additional factor bestows.


  1. Favourable directions


Many people are driven to tap into a favourable direction at every corner of our house – this includes the bedroom. But for example, if the favourable direction causes the bed to be positioned at an angle where its headboard is against a corner, beware, as bigger headaches and problems could be expected by the occupants. While they may have achieved their objectives in tapping the favourable direction, they have at the same time created Sha Qi that points directly to their head and will bring up many issues.


  1. Bed with windows at the back

Feng Shui Bedroom windows at the back

Feng Shui Bedroom windows at the back

When the headboard of the bed is against the window, it can inadvertently create an imbalanced flow of Qi for the entire room. The best advice is to think twice before you put your bed in such a position.


  1. Feet pointing to the room door


Don’t position your bed where it is directly aligned with the bedroom door. If your feet are pointing towards the door, the Qi will rush in through the door and crash directly into your bed, causing sleepless nights, so it’s better to avoid this position.


Some more facts and details about Feng Shui and your bedroom:


  1. The water in the bedroom


For many people this is a big concern – please say few words about it… as i know it’s not good. Some people mistakenly think that placing a water feature, eg; a small water fountain, a small rotating wheel with water, or even an aquarium will bring money luck to the residents. Although water features have been widely used to enhance the vibrancy or Yang Qi in the house for increasing wealth or money-making opportunities, placing a water feature in the bedroom creates imbalanced Qi for sleeping well. The main purpose of bedroom is to provide a conducive sleeping and resting environment for the residents to boost health. Placing a water feature in the bedroom, especially in the wrong location, is totally not advisable.


  1. The flowers in the bedroom

Flowers are not listed as Feng Shui in Classical books or compendiums. Some people like to place flowers in the bedroom to create an aromatic environment that enhances sexual desire. This should not be mistaken for a Feng Shui practice. It’s not advisable to put too many flowers to create the needed smell, as it can affect our quality of sleep! Remember, flowers take in oxygen during the night and emit carbon dioxide, which is not healthy to us!

Feng Shui bedroom luxury with a panoramic ocean view

Feng Shui bedroom luxury with a panoramic ocean view

  1. The color


Color is another topic that has been widely talked about in Feng Shui. Although color is not written in Classical Feng Shui as the source of generating, channeling, directing or circulating the Qi, there’s no denying that it has an impact on the quality of our sleep in the bedroom. It’s advisable choose soft, natural colors for our bedroom. For example, light greens, blues, and lavenders that create a quiet, tranquil vibe; this could enhance the quality of sleep and healing Qi.


  1. Statues


Classical Feng Shui does not include the use of statues. As mentioned, Feng Shui is the study of assessing the qualities of Qi that flow at certain locations in our environment and how the Qi flow influences us. Statues are widely used, mainly from the cultural perspective, to increase one’s wealth, health and safety.  


It’s too extensive a topic for only one article to cover all aspects of “Bedroom Feng Shui”, so here is the primary list of what you should consider when you attempt to Feng Shui your bedroom: The most important thing in your bedroom remains your bed. This is what you should care most about, so you’d better carefully consider its configuration, position, and how it fits in the room. The second most important thing is to ensure the bed is not placed between two doors.


As a last note: do enough of your own research and the more you learn the more outraged you will become. Use logic and common sense while you choose to delve in this phenomenal science. Be aware of your rights, don’t be badgered or scared into doing what “everyone else is doing” only to wind up in someone’s pocket (or emptying your own). Do your research now while things are calm – don’t wait until you are in crisis mode.


And even more importantly: stay in touch with us and drop your questions here as we are on your side to help. And moreover, try our services and witness the results for yourself.  



Happy Bedroom Feng Shui-ing! And don’t forget that the bedroom is only a part of your home – but it’s one of the most important!


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