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When Destiny Strikes how did I start climbing a new life? |

When Destiny Strikes how did I start climbing a new life?

Stories must first be Lived, and then Written; other times they are Imagined and then Lived; other times Sought until they are Found and Lived

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou


What marks our destiny, what becomes the landmark in the balance of our existence charts are neither professional nor financial victories. Even the most perfect distinctions and honours our business card may be empowered with…there are the People and Events after which nothing is as it was before. These people, and these events which give them the trophy above any other are the ones that forces unseen, unheard and unknown to the World – the PowerOfinVisible – freely give to us in blissful moments even without asking us and often without a merit for those gifts.

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

There’s a Power in the words we write – the Power to tell a story and convey meaning beyond the surface level. The Power to tell the world “This is me, this is who I am”. Our life is determined by the words we write and how we express ourselves. Therefore here I will use my Power to share the deepest moments I have lived so far since I was born. For me, it is vital to write about what I believe in and what I live. My hope is that by sharing my deepest feelings and experiences it will help others create the World we want to live in, because I consider to hold the World in our hands we must give of ourselves. 


Verba Volant, Scripta Manet: “spoken words fly away, written words remain”

stories and books

stories and a book

Too many of us fear the blank page because of its wide open potential. I fear that too and I also fear that I might hurt someone or someone might misinterpret my words and experience because what I’m going to share can be easily misinterpreted. However, I will do my best to present the facts exactly as they are.


It took me quite a few months to decide to write and share my story. Its potential became paralysing and many times it held me back. We have a tendency to only want to write what is ‘right and proper’ and the idea of publishing anything that isn’t absolutely perfect, or that doesn’t express how we really feel sends fear shooting through our mind. And mine as well.


I’ve gone through periods of my life when this fear has taken hold and I’ve been afraid to say things that connect with me and to speak frankly about my values. I’ve forgotten that writing is a chance to explore your thoughts and passions and to dive deep into your mind and discover how you really feel.


Now, I won’t try to cover the cracks because as Leonard Cohen said “That’s how the light gets in“. 

black and white clouds sea sky rays of light

black and white clouds sea sky rays of light

It has been said keep the “I” around as much as possible. Bring in your personal experiences. Everything has been said before, but it’s never been said by you. Your point of view is what makes you interesting. Use that to shape your argument. But words can do so much more than that. Words can bring abstract thoughts and experiences to life, like in my case.


So many times, before writing this article, I’ve sat down at the keyboard only to feel like my fingers can’t keep up with the speed of my mind. Our brains are conditioned to work at the speed of speech and when we write we are forced to slow down and carefully analyse our thoughts. On a deeper level, our beliefs and values are the reason why we choose to put words on paper (and the reason our readers connect with us).


So this is why I wrote this article – why I chose to confess my private life and details …as a friend asked me: “If not me, then who? And right so if not now, then when?” For the first time I’m writing about something which is coming from the deepest emotional part of my soul, that part that exploded last year…in that two days of October 2014. You may find the facts strange, empowering or overwhelming – even bizarre or not the same as your own reality. That’s fine too! I am not sharing this for any financial benefit, nor did someone else ask me to do it. I just felt a big desire to share it and so I do.

the man and the desert

the man and the desert

When (Your) Destiny Strikes, You Must Live Your Personal Legend!  That’s All


Joey Yap calls it Higher Power – I call it PowerOfinVisible.


PowerOfinVisible is a huge force and its mystery comes from the fact that you cannot touch it, just observe and feel it. Oh well…how the heck can it change destinies you might ask…’I don’t believe in it’. To be honest at first sight and I would say the same …but…


… when destiny strikes, you don’t have time to breathe, to think too much or to be a philosopher. The desire is to act! – even if you don’t know for the moment, ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘which way’. Suddenly all priorities change. You cannot even think properly, you just follow the path and go for it. You don’t have time to ask yourself if you are ready or not, if you wanted this or not. At that moment the brain goes into a sort of paralysis, you barely have time to ask yourself what’s going on, but this thought disappears in the next moment. When these things happen, you are not asked if you are ready, if you need more time to reflect, or if you can act… you just go with the flow! That’s all. We all have a moment in our life when a phrase or a book; a movie or a story can change our life. So it is when something big happens to you and everything turns upside down, that you can see, feel and realize the power of ‘PowerOfinVisible’.


The Beginning


Until the age of 35 I was living a ‘normal’ life but always with the idea and the feeling that somehow, somewhere in this world must be something powerful and I have to find out what that is. As Santiago in the Alchemist! I could not define it, no matter how much I would read and study. I love books and reading, it’s my biggest passion, yet I never found the answers to  my questions. At the age of four years, I asked my Mother crazy questions about life – “Where is God?”, “How can I see him?”, “Why was I born?”, “What is life?”, “What happens when we die?” and so on. Because I have clever and wise parents they gave me answers according to their experiences, but also told me that those answers I will have to find alone, later, when I grow up.


So since the age of four I started questioning and reading about what I call the PowerOfinVisible. Travelling around the World has brought me in contact with many people from different cultures, different mentalities and different nationalities. Amazing people!  The process of searching and learning took me years and the desire for learning never stopped. As I said from this deep desire to understand how things are I came across many books, Masters and people with different experiences. None left a mark or had the ability either to change my thoughts or impact my life – until last year!



As we say in Romanian – “orice nas isi are nasul” – “Diamond with Diamond” have to find each other. This happened to me in 2014 when destiny simply struck and turned my life upside down.


NEVER EVER in my life I have had such vision, confirmation and clarity of the deepest questions I have had my entire life. It is that moment when time stops, your head aches and you lose rationality for moments. I had to pass through times when every cell of my body was shaking for no reason, and I would start crying with happiness.


So everything I had asked for the past 34 years was confirmed by this experience. A blessed and blissful moment beyond the mere words. This is what transformed and changed my life. These are the words that changed my life:


“We just have to realise that some things NEED to happen for better things to come our way. Some lessons we have to learn. Some shit we have to deal with. There’s just no other way. It’s always painful when this happens. It may take some time for things to heal or get better. But if we are too engrossed in the present (pain), the better future cannot unfold”. Wow, I have observed this along the way in my life and this came as a confirmation that I was not wrong.


The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.


… we are all governed by a Higher Power (God) or some would say the Universe, the Heavens or the Source and that there are techniques to access what is planned ahead (like the twigs – in Chinese Metaphysics we use Yi Jing Divination or in Astrology we use BaZi or Zi Wei)…we can study the patterns and ‘penetrate the place where all is written’.


Though we may ‘guesstimate’ the most probably future from our readings…the real future hasn’t really happened yet. We have the element of free will. We can still make conscious choices. Hence, if we truly want to ALTER the future, the secret is in what we do (or don’t do) in the present. And the future can be altered, because it’s meant to be altered as permitted by the Universe.


How do we know that it’s meant for us to know and for us to alter the future? Simple – when there is a need or urge inside us to know or discover ourselves, and when we seek answers and where answers are given. We know that we can change the future when we make an effort to learn what we are capable of achieving, improve ourselves and decide to live life to the full.


Is the future fated? Perhaps only some bits. But if you are successful in discovering your future (through the careful study of Metaphysics), this means it’s meant for YOU to alter the outcome. Otherwise where it is not permitted by the Universe (or God) you will NOT be able to see your future anyway. The fact that we’ve got an affinity (or good Karma) with this science of BaZi or Yi Jing means we are meant to learn the ways to change things for the better. The role WE play in our own future is hugeSo let’s study our own BaZi Charts once again! Perhaps we’ll find more clues to access our future and make it brighter! Remember – to make tomorrow a better day, the secret is in the present.” (the whole explanation you can find it here). So what I knew it, intuited and sensed… it was true: we can change our destiny!


After finishing reading, I had the need to open a window, as I needed the fresh air to breathe. I don’t know or do not want to know how it feels to experience a stroke, but what I have read about it must be something similar to what I felt at that moment. I had to breathe to calm down my heartbeat.


If you have never had such an experience in your life I can fully understand what you may think when reading all this but at the same time all I can say is that it was a moment of “Aha!” Just as a thunderbolt penetrating a tree and cutting it into pieces only to have it rebuild again even stronger. Was this written? Is this my Karma?



Here is how everything happened:


The Moment


It was a beautiful day in March 2014. I was enjoying a short vacation in my parents’ city in Romania. As I am a big fan of sports and gym, as usual on a Saturday morning I had my training with my personal trainer at that time, Silviu. He introduced me to a friend of his, a lady called Marcela. We continued training and at the end we started chatting, of course about this PowerOfinVisible. Four hours of chatting later and discovering new things we ended up meeting again the next day for a cup of tea.


A beautiful Spring in Romania when the air is chilly and nature is waking up after Winter is like Heaven. On my way to meet Marcela, I just looked at the sky and I said to it that I want to live a new story in my life. It was a simple thought released into the Universe.


Marcela is a lady whose passion, like mine, is about the spiritual life. So our cup of tea started at 12.00 midday and ended up at 10.00 p.m. I will let you imagine how our passion was transcending time. For a moment, she explained to me something about an accurate technique called BaZi. I had to confess that I did not pay attention and that not even in the second moment could I remember such a word. Anyhow, I found out that the Chinese are using it, especially when they hire people. The next two words were about the one who is using it, but the same, I could not remember the words even 5 minutes after. This was happening that day. We finally agreed to continue our conversation the following weekend. This happened for a few times, when finally her passion to talk about BaZi and Joey Yap made me curious to know who the heck Joey Yap was!

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

Returning home after doing the usual things in the house, I just remembered to Google and find out who he is. When the page on my screen appeared was the moment when I felt my body trembling and my heart beating suddenly as if I was receiving the worst news in the world. It was the moment, the only one when I could not control my body or my breathing. I could not move myself from the chair to open a window to get fresh air. It was the moment when I felt as if my body was being electrocuted by lightning. Whatever all that meant is beyond logic and normality, but it is what happened to me.


I simply did not know how to react and what to do and it was the only moment in my life when I lost control of me. It’s difficult to describe in words to feel how your body is flooded by emotions. But this is what happened just by seeing a website. Of course, immediately I could temper my heart beats. I called Marcela to tell her the amazing news although I could not, and didn’t know how to express myself adequately. My first impulse was to call, to find details, to find everything I could find and most importantly, to talk to Joey.


I recall spending that night reading his site, blog, everything I could find. And reading it, my tears burst out because I finally had the answers to all the questions I had had for the last 34 years. It was the moment when my life changed.


Time passed and I had to do something. But what, how? For the first time in my life, I didn’t know how to approach a situation. I wanted even to buy all the books, but finally I said to myself I cannot understand it alone. I needed to be there, to fly to Kuala Lumpur.


Time passed and as I was reading and searching for information my desire to be there was growing. Finally, I decided to send an email to the Academy and ask for a consultation. To my surprise, Kenny Yap was answering me. For a few months, we exchanged emails and information and then I received an invitation to attend Joey’s Annual Seminar in London.


London – UK – 2014 October 4 – 08.00 Millenium Gloucester Hotel.


I didn’t know what to expect from that Seminar and never thought that I would experience again the powerful feelings I had a few months earlier in Romania. From the beginning of the class, the first blow I received in my head was the amount of information that I could understand, although never in my life had I heard those two words, Chinese Metaphysics. This brought me another big shock. How the heck can it be possible to understand something that never ever in your life you had even heard about? I was wondering for moments if I am still normal and I am not losing my mind.


During the first break we had, when people were going for lunch, I was going outside to be able to breathe. I was in a moment when I was desperately in the need of fresh air. Also on that day it was the first time in my life when I was looking at my watch and praying for it not to finish soon.


Finally the first day did finish and as I could not go home, I was travelling without a compass in London’s streets, wondering what it was and what was happening to me…


It was 02.00 in the morning when I tried to write down my thoughts, but I could not have any more benchmarks for what was going on…no more time zones, Greenwich no longer exists, there were no countries, distances, years, separate lives…what magic must be! What psychedelic state was I in? How crazy it all seemed! What neurosis! What psychological experiment! What EKG!

life decisions

life decisions

This is how I spent that night – with so many questions spinning in my mind.


The second day was better as I could calm down and be a little bit detached compared to the previous day. But until the Seminar was ending I decided already that I have to move to Kuala Lumpur.


How to participate in an event, to see someone for the first time in your life and to know that the entire rest of your life will not be as it was, when all the benchmarks were shaken and shattered, felled as the armour in front of a sword and simply splitting out.  How to explain rationally that being at an event and instead of doing what everybody does (going out for lunch for example) you have to go outside to breathe? How to walk down the street and feel that everything is rewritten and that life you a sudden new perspective? How to tell my family that I am going to the end of the world to seek a man, a mentor, who teaches Chinese Metaphysics and I have to get there at any cost?


A new decision follows a new question. I was blessed with the best parents in the World, but even so, how was I to announce to them that I will move to Kuala Lumpur to figure out what Chinese Metaphysics is? I cancelled all my trips for that moment and went back home to Romania to have a serious discussion with my parents.


Planning a strategy of how to announce to them they already knew that something important had happened to me. Drinking my morning coffee with them and relaying my story. After they listened to my experience my Father’s words were this: “Now we know who this man is – go and take care!”


Love you Mom and Dad!


Landing in Kuala Lumpur will be another post.


The Unthinkable Coincidences… my life of coincidences and simply talking to you Joey


I do not know you at all, and yet, I always knew you before… This is not idolatry (for you) – they are the signs and coincidences for the last 35 years of my life; a series of amazing events that have happened into my life.  

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

I know you from amniotic fluid back when your angels flew over my Mother in her dream. That’s what she told me…


I know you from the times when I was a kid and when the Virgin Mary appeared to me in a dream, not spelling your name to let me know and recognise you by our souls; not shouting to you from the crowd. I was 12 years old at that time…


I know you since I came into the World, when during my baptism the priest told my parents that at the 30th year of my life I will meet a man who would change my life completely. Someone knowledgeable…


I know you since many years ago when I was dreaming myself in front of a stone-gate which I could not open, but a voice in that dream told me to try…and I succeeded (all this happening in the most desperate moment of my life…). I always wondered to myself what that dream was about…and as a ‘coincidence’ I saw the answer, through your pictures taken in China last year…when I could recognise that gate. Eight years distance from my dream… How can it be possible!?

the gate I dreamed

the gate I dreamed

the gate

the gate

the gate

the gate

I know you since I’ve been in India five years ago, and an old man told me I will meet someone, a man would changed destinies and will do the same with mine as well: that the Universe loves me and will send the person who will help me to climb my life to its highest peak…


I know you from a long, long time since I tried to understand how things are in this World, and could see a man silhouetted in many key moments of my life…


I know you from my past, from my darkest moments when I woke up and I felt that someone will help me, although I did not know who…


So I have known you for a long time, since the Universe decided to put on our way common signs.




I know you from the sleepless nights when I read articles about you and it seemed like life revealed all the answers to my questions for the last 34 years…


I know you even better, in these summer nights when I could not sleep due to thinking through my problems and suddenly having the responses come through your posts on your Facebook page…I will share this proof through another post.


I am still amazed by those coincidence that happen simultaneously when we do similar activities, seeing your posts on Facebook and me doing similar things or thinking of the same subjects.


I know that once might be a coincidence of thinking, second time maybe the same, third time?…but should this be always the same for the last five months, from every post you have uploaded. Should it be the same when being down and asking the Chief for help to see your posts and answers to my questions? For those who are searching for proof, I have many witnesses for what I am saying now: my friends with whom I was talking about different subjects and then seeing your answers coming…


I know even your struggles, which appear in my dreams…although I really don’t know or understand why the Universe wanted me to know them…

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

I know you on both parts – the good and the bad, the Yin and Yang – through criticism but also through the admiration from ordinary people.  I know you from your students or your clients and I know you from your staff…


I have known you personally for a short period of time, but I know you also from ancestry, since I started to pray, because I always asked to have people like you in my life…


I know you for a long time and am grateful to the Universe that we have at last met each other.


And yet, I do not know you at all because in this life I can’t penetrate even half of your knowledge, but I’ll take and share yours for my benefit and for the benefit of others.


Sometimes I was thinking in a selfish way and I wanted to put all your knowledge in a cage, to keep it for me only, but I know people need it, humanity as a whole needs it, and you would use Qi Men to escape 🙂


I was wondering that, if I had those strong feelings since the day and moment I first discovered you, what kind of feeling have all the others have had when they discovered you. I know you are a humble person, but for the bunch of people whose lives you have touched you’re a kind of ‘hero!’. I will discover this in time and write about it from every story I can come across.


Personally I do not know if there is a boundary where science ends and faith begins. I do not even know if there is a border, if it sometimes disappears or it is just thin…but I just know that if I have a problem of any kind I have to thank God because you exist and I can find a solution through your guidance.


As for any human, also for Joey Yap, he has his own critical moments, and I know that he is looking up and asking the Universe for help. Yet through the thousands of business people and giants who follow your advice I would say that is a collaboration that is fruitful in favour of humanity.


I know he knows what impossible is like when ‘everything reaches its limit’ and this is very important to know that your work goes to this border sometimes.

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

I’m Wondering and I Imagine…


His years, days, nights and moments dedicated to his studies, travels, conferences, consultancies, businesses, staff, families, and more over to his beautiful wife Eva…did he abandon himself in loneliness…but yes, I know: when you are doing what is meant to be for you it doesn’t feel like work…


How he handles his difficult moments, even if he know how to handle any situation…


How was his feelings when he had to choose studies, hard moments with his Father, hard moments when destiny turned him down and yet he made it again…


If you find that human being and pains are the same everywhere…


Defines love as…


How is the definition of a woman…


How he handles stupidity…


I image that only he know what suffering is, because any passion and love is asking a sacrifice in return.

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

I See (Him)…


As the man who could not be successful if he had not been prepared for failure.  I think ‘defeats’ show that nothing is irreversible except death and that talent without hard work and tenacity will only lead to short term successes…


As the man who sees success more as a journey and less as a destination…


As the man who wanted to gain power, and when he did he used it to change the destiny of others for the better…


As the man who builds his Sisyphean success in the micro to help others…


As a very sensitive person, although he doesn’t seem so…


As a man who has always set high goals, and often telling that ‘impossible’ is just a word in the dictionary…


As the man who dedicated his every breath and moment to support people through the art of Feng Shui, using one of the oldest sciences on Earth – Chinese Metaphysics…


As one who gave the world every breath of his knowledge and let it create a big impact on humanity…


As the man who built his life, career and reputation on helping others.


No worries! If you feel overwhelmed those are not so big words, and for the benefit of everybody, I will ask the Universe for guidance to discover all the people whose lives you have impacted, to share their stories, and to make an even greater difference.


And I Know…


That the plain fact is the planet does not need more successful people but for sure it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and love of every kind. And I also know that perseverance is like a fire that needs oxygen. Love is the oxygen for perseverance-you can love it. Clients can love it; partners can love it; investors can love it. There are a lot of sources to love (it). Business and humans need love to live and thrive. Ultimately you create value to people and that’s why you build love. Business is just the delivery mechanism of that love. And all together mixes to create abundance. And that’s what you create, Dato’ Joey Yap!

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

I choose…


… to share this small part of my experience last year to maybe show the sceptic how the Universe is working and how the PowerOfinVisible is so Powerful.


This is my personal experience. These are my feelings. You may like it or not, you may agree or not, you may judge or not, but you have to admit that when destiny strikes in such a way this must be a shared experience. Whatever option you choose as long as you are looking for similar people to come into your life, you may find it! I wish you nothing but the very best to find your way and to change your life for the better. It is so worth the search.


I will ask each person who reads this article to share their opinion. To write about his/her own experience. And officially I have to ask all those who came in contact with Joey Yap to share their stories here. Let’s hear and learn together from all those whose life has been changed by Chinese Metaphysics and how you brought it to its present level in their life.


Dato’ Joey Yap, you transformed me and made me take this legacy to the next level too. I knew it, it will work, I was convinced that it will work and trusted you, but still had to experience it on my own. And I did it, because of you! I have to bring your knowledge to an even higher level confirming with all your students your legacy and the commitment you have made.


Being an outsider for a few months yet still close to your environment gave me even more time to observe, analyse, to gain insights and be even 1000% sure of what I’m doing with this project and with every word that I have written here.


Now my legacy is to share every life story of the people you have touched for the benefit of everyone!


I do not know if ‘I have what I deserve – more happiness and less sadness – more light and fewer unanswered questions’ but I do know that your name is written in wishes I light at all altars and send to my Chief.


JOEY YAP – the radical most ‘changer of lives’

“My way of doing it is to educate people”. I remember the amount of time my friend had spent teaching me the things I know today; it was priceless. That made me promise to myself, “If I ever made it, I will also light more candles”. And he did it.


Joey Yap transcended the mysticism of Chinese Metaphysics, spawning a multi-million dollar industry in life transformation and enriching the lives of both client and consultant. His brand name is strongly linked with the success of corporations and property developers.

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

He is not an artist, but a life-entertainer who has the capability and the gift to keep at least 7,000 people in a hall motionless, at least for a few hours. His Knowledge is his power. The knowledge to change destinies, to bend them in your favour, to let you live your life to its fullest potential – nothing more, nothing less, but a supreme power for someone.


Sir Richard Branson once said: “If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business – it’s that simple”. Joey puts it another way “Knowledge is the true catalyst for life transformation”. Now mix up those together and you have an even better idea of who Joey Yap is.


After almost 10 years spent as a journalist, and another 8 years travelling around the world, working in multinationals, meeting a lot of people from Sheiks, Presidents, businessmen, stars, VIPs and many more, I personally did not meet someone with such capabilities, knowledge and charisma to take a science to this level, to adapt it to our present day…and in the end, to really change destinies so deeply and dramatically in a very good way. Judging according to the reality, Joey Yap is the radical most ‘changer of lives’.


Delving into Chinese Metaphysics he became a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. He lives and breathes through his passion in life – Chinese Metaphysics.

around the world

around the world

“Do you see Chinese Metaphysics becoming more relevant in the future?”


Chinese Metaphysics has been around for at least 2,000 years. It is the second longest profession in the world. It existed way before scientists, accountants and developers. It was used as a guiding system by Imperial families and officers in ancient China. Still today it is used to strategise work, politics and war. Chinese Metaphysics is relevant in any business which requires strategy and winning.  It is not about predicting the future, but creating the future. The strategy taken is to life the barriers of entry and change how the game is played. The rule is to be a game-changer. Make the rules, don’t just follow the rules. – he declared for The Asian Entrepreneur 


His talks have an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation.


For decades, Joey has been working closely as a business partner with CEOs and top Management with clients from diverse industries and sectors. Along with his team, he provides yearly insights and forecasts to their internal team, financial advisers and industry experts, as well as their high net worth clients and investors through corporate events. The involvement with other local and global conglomerates also include business advisory services in corporate strategy and planning, talent management and strategic execution of new projects and business initiatives.


His desire to spread his knowledge ended up in the inauguration of an Academy in 2001 – The Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. Together with his team he espouses the educational philosophy that draws from the best of East and West. He had the entrepreneurial spirit to utilise modern tools and cutting edge teaching technology to deliver its content. Through modern learning and teaching methods these respected ancient arts and sciences can be propagated to a wider audience encouraging a more extensive understanding and application of these subjects.


Some Facts:

  • 1,000,000 active learners
  • 180 book titles with more than 4,000,000 copies sold worldwide
  • 740k followers and students from over 37 countries
  • He personally conducts seminars to a crowd of more than 7,000 every year


He takes his Seminars on an annual World tour to: Bangkok, Bratislava, Bali, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Ljubljana, Manila, Melbourne,  Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Perth, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver.

Joey Yap Team consultants

Joey Yap Team consultants

Qi Men Dun Jia students - one of Joey's classes

Qi Men Dun Jia students – one of Joey’s classes

How People Share Their Appreciation of Him


Recently, on his 38th birthday, between the hundreds of messages he received, one popped up before my eyes that resonates perfectly with my description about who Joey Yap really is:


“You are one of the blessed and gifted individuals that touched so many of us in so many different ways, direct or indirect. There are many tycoons, businessmen, professions and specialists following your work and they are still following…to say that you have in some way transformed their lives in an understatement. And all are very thankful for what you have done and look forward for more. Everyone was wishing you tonnes of blessings and wonderful more blissful years and thanks to you for inspiring all of us throughout this journey called life. Your work is truly amazing and you continue to inspire me and many more through your books, speeches and teachings”.  


There are a few more things I need to explain. I have many Chinese friends who ‘argue’ with me that it might not be good to consider him the best in the world and he cannot be compared with old Master from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. My answer is YES!  I do fully agree with these arguments. But my rationality goes in two directions:


  • For me, as a Westerner, if he had not the capacity to take the science to this level I would not have been here, met him and discovered this truly amazing potential that Chinese Metaphysics has. And I am not the only one who is seeing things this way. Ask every Westerner. For me, and many like me, this remains always the moment of gratitude I have to share with the whole world. And also I have to admire and to thank him for his smartness and determination to go against old patterns and principles that said knowledge had to remain somehow secret for centuries.


For thousands of years, classical knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics has been passed on from one generation to another through the system of discipleship. A venerated Master would accept only select individuals as his disciples, and through the years informally pass on his knowledge and skills to these chosen ones. This system served the purpose of restricting the transfer of knowledge to only worthy individuals, reinforcing its elite status and ensuring that no outsiders would have access to thousands of years of research and learning. These teachings, previously shrouded in secrecy and available only to an elite few, are now structured and presented through classes that resemble modern-day University courses. Now, thanks to Joey, the material can be easily learnt, understood, and mastered by everyone.


  • As human nature is built this way, no matter what you are doing, in which field you are working and for whom, and how difficult it is to achieve something what counts in the end is simply the results. No matter how good you are, no matter how spiritual or with whom you have learned and gained knowledge, in the end all that matters are the final results. And we can see his results by facts.

To my readers:

Dream big; create big; wish big; desire big for the highest good of everyone involved. Act big. Plant your seed in this World.  Manifestations are very rapid. Choose wisely. Choose love, liberty, love again and all types of abundance. Choose your freedom and personal expression. Let go totally of the past. Forgive and release it all. It is so over…and so it is! Recreate brand new shining everything you desire with the power of your intentions because the human spirit is more powerful than any drug. Raise your voice and be heard!


Joey Yap quotes…

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

“Discover your strengths. Be iconic. Aim to be legendary”.

“It always seems impossible…until it’s done”.

“Today is the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be”.

“Try it out. Play around with the new idea. Do something – strange or unfamiliar as it may be. If you never leave your comfort zone, you won’t grow. Give it a shot!”

“What do you think is worst – giving up too quickly or staying on for too long?”

“Good fortune is when preparation meets with opportunity”.

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

“We must be impressed before we can try to be Impressive. We must be inspired, before we can inspire.”


“Feng Shui is all about the flow of energy (Yin and Yang) which comes from nature. You have to understand the principles of energy and utilise them to support you” explains Joey.

Joey Yap quote

Joey Yap quote

“You can curse the darkness. Of you can light a candle. Your destiny chart doesn’t label any particular period as a bad “break” or “unlucky days.” The chart also does not say you need to move with the tides and conform to circumstances dictated by somebody else. The reason you read your BaZi chart is to find solutions and possibilities. With the right information, we are then free to become the creators of our experience.”

Joey Yap

Joey Yap

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Editor: Lynda Cook

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