3 ways to understand your destiny and build a better life

If this knowledge is good enough to be used by the super-rich, and it works well for them, why not empower yourself with the same skills, techniques and knowledge?


Let’s accept that anyone with awareness knows our world has unwritten laws. Without going into detail, I would rather suggest you read this explanation where the subject is much better explained.  


We should not fool ourselves into thinking we have control of everything in our life. Rather we should be happy with the understanding there is something greater than ourselves and we can access its power for our ultimate benefit when we change our thinking.


Do you agree that hard work doesn’t always bring the results we expect, or want? I’m sure you have all felt like that at least once in your life – right!?


Can you remember a time when you had a struggle with something? Whether it was within a relationship, in your business or with your health, you had to battle against the odds. Perhaps in a job you did not feel an affinity with…or when you put all your energy into a project that failed to work out the way you hoped.


There are also times when we have good, or bad, days. I know this and you will know it too. How then would you feel about launching your business on one of your bad days? Not so good and not so sure of its success? How would you feel about having surgery or some other medical procedure on one of your good days – you would expect it to bring you a speedy recovery. Yes!?


So how do you know whether a certain day and time will be ‘good’ or ‘bad’?


Here is where we get back to the start – learn to harness the energy of Universal Power!


Stop fooling yourself! Many hugely successful businesses are using its techniques but they don’t send out a press release announcing how they became successful, right? As an outsider, you look at their success and may say “How the heck have they made it this big, this fast”? The real answer is…they have done it because they are taking full advantage of the strategies made available to them and not only through hard work as you may think, or that society, in general, has taught you.


Knowledge is Power! The most successful businesses have this knowledge and use it to their advantage.

Knowledge is Power in any competition

Knowledge is Power in any competition

If you still need time to think or decide whether this is for you at least follow our future posts – frequently – and learn through real-life examples. Then re-consider and choose. It’s that simple. Make yourself better – no-one else can create your reality. Take the first step to a better future.


I know that sometimes your mind (read ego) needs more time to accept, and be convinced, of what your heart already knows.


What is this Universal Power?


Every person walking on this Earth is different and their fortunes fluctuate from month to month and year to year. Once you accept there is no ‘best of everything’ it becomes much easier to seek out what is ‘best for you’ and subsequently make career and life decisions based on your own criteria rather than on any conventional wisdom about what success looks like.


The techniques I present to you here are coming from an old and ancient knowledge from China. Because this sounds a little weird and maybe even scary, I will call it Universal Power.


This is a timeless system that is as pertinent today as it was many centuries ago.


For this post, I will focus on three big aspects of Universal Power: BaZi, Date Selection and Qi Men Dun Jia.


  • How is BaZi Useful to You and Your Business?


What actions should you take to make improvements in areas of wealth, career and relationships – for you? What is good?  What is bad?  When should you take action?  Why there and then? 



The answers are there in your BaZi Chart which is able to present an accurate analysis of your personality and qualities as well as your potential.


Effective people understand that success lies in making the most well-advised decisions on a day-to-day basis. When you make good decisions over and over success, wealth and happiness are natural by-products.

Decoding your destiny through BaZi

Decoding your destiny through BaZi

BaZi (I know that the term sounds quite strange and I can understand your smirking but this is its name and I prefer to explain it as it is) is your birth chart set at the moment of your birth. It is, if you like, the blueprint of your life on Earth. The knowledge hidden within the BaZi chart is more useful in many respects to the average person than to say, a big business tycoon or a famous superstar.


Tycoons, superstars, billionaires and millionaires have the distinct advantage of being able to ‘throw’ money at any problem or obstacle they may encounter. Most people do not have this luxury. Correct?


BaZi study has become immensely popular all over the world in recent years and part of this popularity comes from the insight it provides.  Its secrets are limitless and come from an understanding of the layered nature of its reading and the fact that it produces uncannily accurate and tangible information we can all act upon to bring us real world and real life results.


Don’t you think therefore that understanding this process and the role we play in determining our own future will give us the Power to take control? Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses give us the Power to make changes and to become who we are meant to be. Powerful stuff!


BaZi readings allow people to act and make smarter decisions for themselves rather than simply giving them a handful of quaint tips and tricks without any background knowledge or insight. 

Understand your destiny through BazZi reading

Understand your destiny through BaZi reading

I want to show you the same methods BaZi practitioners use to turn the analysis of a BaZi chart into action to transform lives. By knowing which paths are open to us we simply select the one most in line with what we want and feel an affinity with.


It is a sad reality that many people will come to regret the time they squandered during their life – or wish they had achieved success much earlier than they did just so they could have enjoyed it for longer. BaZi analysis aims to take the guesswork out of the decision-making equation and speed up your journey to the life of your dreams.


I believe that life is about improving (and enjoying) the process of achieving success – the journey rather than the destination.


Too many of us are content to wait around for things to change, or for our ‘big break’ to come along, paralysed by fear or confusion as to what the right thing to do is or when the best time to act will be.


It is very easy (rather too easy) to blame our circumstances, lack of available opportunities, other people or even the weather for our current situation. We may even think and believe that success isn’t possible for us. 


The truth is though that waiting around for the ‘perfect moment’ is little more than an excuse to do nothing.


You need to get out there and start maximising your destiny today.


Contrary to popular belief, we can always choose a better version of our future if we know which choices are best for us.  If this website, and others, can help increase your self-awareness, illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of your personality and point you towards the role you can play in your own life – and the roles you can succeed in – then success, wealth and happiness will simply take care of themselves.


BaZi is like building a wall, you start with the foundations then build up a higher and higher bank of knowledge and wisdom.


READ your chart Now!


  • How and Why Date Selection is Useful for Your Business?

time & date selection

time & date selection

When is a good time to launch your business? What is a good date to get married? When will it be right to take action on something you want to succeed at? When is the best time to have a hard discussion that will ultimately lead to gain? When is the best time to seal a deal to ensure success? When is the best time to sign a contract? The questions go on and on…


As we mentioned earlier sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days. You have to agree that our energy is not always at its highest level every day. You can feel it right!? Then why take action at a time when the energy is not favourable for you?


Don’t take this in the wrong way and certainly don’t go to extremes. When I am talking about ‘taking action’, I’m referring to major actions, not insignificant actions such as when is good or not good to eat lunch or an ice cream 🙂


Date selection is best used for events such as discovering what is the optimum time to launch your business to bring you a greater chance of success. It means the energy at that time, for you, is at its highest. Because we are all different good and bad days are different for each of us. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and what is good for me might not be good for you and vice versa. It is better to act when the time is right for YOU.


Auspicious date selection for any major event in your life must be considered well in advance of the event. There are not many truly ‘perfect’ days for any specific activity throughout the year so the more notice your date selection specialist has, the better the chance of finding that ideal time.


Consultations for date selection are many and varied. They can be for marriage proposals, wedding dates, buying a new residence, opening a business, specific important business transactions, house and office renovations, moving home, activating Feng Shui recommendations and caesarean section, among others.


As an example of how important date selection is – do you know that moving into a new house on the wrong date when the energies are not in harmony with the new residents will affect the Feng Shui of the property and its residents? This bad effect can remain until the day they move out.


So choose wisely. Take action and ask our experts now!


  • How and Why We Use Qi Men Dun Jia


The cherry on the top of the cake! (Yes, I know again the name may sound weird but I prefer to use it from its origins). This is the best strategy ever! Yes, I’m not afraid to call it the best because its power is huge! It is the best method to use when taking action, usually in the short term, and to have the results fall in your favour.


What is it and how does it work?



Let’s compare it to the moments when apparent ‘miracle’ outcomes of actions and events come to us in the most unexpected ways.  Whilst it is not a practice to conjure up magic and miracles, one can appear to experience miraculous results.


The perfect tool to manoeuvre through life (it gives you information to manoeuvre through challenges and to avoid pitfalls) allows you to make the best use of opportunities presenting themselves.  It can allow you to create your own opportunities and see the best outcome.  It does allow you to design your own destiny and promote good health and works best when you can shift the pattern of your mind’s thinking to believe you really can create your own reality or you can react to it.


Qi Men is used to forecast and calculate the outcome of your plans by understanding the use of timing and positive environmental frequencies. It is a bit like using the understanding of energy patterns and the environment to ensure a bumper harvest.


A Qi Men Dun Jia chart reveals the power equation of the two sides offering options on what is the best strategy to prevail.


Sun Tzu’s Art of War is based on the fundamentals of Qi Men Dun Jia and this ancient craft of war is modernised to apply in any field in which you need to take action.


As a personal example, I used it when I had to sign a contract, which was very difficult for me to achieve. Huge amount, huge potential – and in the end, all done using Qi Men Dun Jia technique. All successful 🙂 That’s its beauty and its power.


How? By being at the right time at the right moment facing the right direction and using the Power of the energy on that specific day to support me. Brilliant huh? 🙂 Putting myself in the right place at the right moment to absorb the best energy (QI) helped me capture the opportunities that introduced themselves and place me in a manageable position over the events that unfold easily in my life. I reap the rewards.


And yes, using Qi Men allows us to enter the realm of possibility for our dreams; to create exceptional results in career, financial decisions, health, relationships, launching important new projects, products or business ventures. And one of the best uses is in negotiations.


And if you are looking and analysing the success of Apple which had it when launching its product you’ll better understand their success 🙂 Again – knowledge is Power!


Use it for once in your life and you will never again want to do something without its Power!


My wish for you, dear reader, is to discover this ancient treasure trove of knowledge and the hidden forces that underlie your personality. Have fun as you begin this adventure, and may you enjoy your journey on this ‘search for self’.


Be prepared for many ‘Aha’ moments as you explore these ancient arts and gain insight into the characters of those you meet along life’s path. These are timeless systems that are as pertinent today as at their inception centuries ago.


And do Not Forget: Take action!


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Editor: Lynda Cook


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