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Why eyes on China’s should be 1 of the 7 “deadly sins”

According to Forbes “The world lost 66 Billionaires in 8 days amid the Stock Market Tumult”  – China, unsurprisingly, was hit hardest. It lost the most: 21 billionaires. The U.S. came in second (9 billionaires), India was third (6 billionaires) and Russia ranked fourth (5 billionaires).


For several days the news around the world has been something like…


  • Financial Stock Market derailed with the highest risk of triggering a new global financial crisis
  • The hot spot conflict country is Korea (North vs South)
  • Europe is under a massive assault with immigrants arriving from Africa and the Middle East
  • Tensions between USA and Russia with a weak Europe caught in the middle; exhausted and without any solid horizon


All at the same time. What does all this mean? Signs?

Beautiful Dark Moon

Beautiful Dark Moon


Well, we do not know who will be the one to make the mistake and especially ‘when’…but I hope you understand what is happening globally at this time!


2008 was the year in which the official global economic crisis began. I would add that was also the year in which effects surfaced in a visible way. Pluto in Capricorn made the first step in November and announced its presence until 2024.


Seven years have passed since then…and we do not see anything that looks like any form of economic stability – financial or political – globally. These seven years in which we witness a new version of economics!


What is happening now (which is what I will try to explain in this article) is a sort of ‘recalibration’ for all of us and it is happening gradually.  What we experience in the years 2015-2016 is only ‘half change’!


For a better understanding, let’s start with the astrological details…

Libra or fair economic system

Libra or fair economic system

You do not have to know too much about astrology to understand and know what Pluto did, nor do you have to be an economic analyst.  You need only to remember what started in 2008 – Governments have started to change. Banks that have not collapsed and are still standing were not given longer loans; loans which were spread about generously before this time. The Stock Markets began to take control leaving their investors confused. The whole World had to drastically revise their financial priorities and re-organise liquidity. Remember?


A whole drama swept the World and then…nothing will ever be the same!


Sure, big players in the sudden change are different too – astrologically speaking! There have been other planets involved. Uranus for example, in Aries as of 2011 had a tense struggle for years with Pluto. Little by little changes continued, and each time when one government fell a new ‘earthquake’ was produced on the Stock Markets.


Astrologically speaking, Uranus and Pluto are squaring up to each other even now and have created seven ‘perfect squares’ in the past three years, which led to the shedding of the global economy like onion skin layers.


Even if the explosions were to settle on the Stock Markets, in 2019 Uranus will enter Taurus and be more compatible with Pluto in Capricorn.


We can say that in the coming years the two ‘heavyweights of the Zodiac’ will try to better understand each other and make a somewhat improved agreement and understanding of new principles, and a new economy. But do not rush to be relieved! The next nine years will see Pluto’s work demolishing what is not stable and fair, to ruin wrong principles and everything appropriated illegally will not continue!


When the Stock Market announced a new panic a few days ago, Black Moon (Lilith) was approaching Libra. It entered Libra one day after China Stock Exchange announced massive declines. August 24th was a day of terrible loss for all the Stock Markets around the World even as some people saw this as a source of opportunities. It has always been like this!

Black Moon

Black Moon

Even now the Stock Markets continue to suffer from a true ‘bleeding’, a fluctuation between the ups and downs. The Stock Market does not know how to understand the monetary policy measures of the Central Bank of China. This was the ‘epicentre of the earthquake’ and the moment when the eyes of the world were on China.


I personally keep an eye on Black Moon (Lilith) in Libra! Ok, I’ll take a look at China! In case you didn’t know China is ‘native’ born in Libra! And there are interesting times ahead for it…



For the next nine months, until the end of May 2016 Lilith is playing its role in Libra (the sign opposite where Uranus is square to Pluto). It is as if the two ‘heavyweights’ of the Zodiac have not decided how to reach agreement and restore peace and economic perspective in which everyone can gain…it is here that there may be a lending hand to help the situation.


I do not want to rush into thinking that Lilith is a generous goddess who will calm things. I’d better say that she will harness things.  We must say that Lilith has a special manner to make herself ‘approved’ and ‘accepted’.


She may hit the heavyweights in the face, suddenly and bluntly on a daily basis and they could live without any problems during this transit until the end of May 2016. They may feel as though they have been on a roller coaster ride.


So this is the way we expect it to be. Lilith is rushing on its way without any diplomacy on her part. Perhaps it’s good to imagine that she learned this art through Libra, but we can’t be sure. The fact is that it is not characteristic for her to wait; to speak or knock at the door before being invited to join the dialogue.


When Lilith has something to say, she will burst in on you, scandalised beyond measure, sit and demand that you take your foot off the table, slamming the ‘proof’ of her anxious behaviour on the desk and leaving you to guess her intention. And you may look baffled and perplexed. Did I do something bad?…which for you at the time knew that it was not crazy.


It is interesting to see people like that in a corporate environment. They are mysterious, detached and have a personal way of doing things. They do not integrate themselves into the rules of others. At first impression they create chaos wherever they go but in the end they are solving the most complicated cases, like a trouble shooter, they have an unpredictable and high capacity for observing imbalance in others…like an eagle!


There is much to say about Lilith. I’m sure that after the next nine months are over we will have to say more. The fact is that now, in economic terms there is a great scandal that will continue to run and sometime during this coming winter we will know exactly where we stand.


But the prospect of restoring capital market is still small if you expect good signs from China.

China Stock Market

China Stock Market

A simple glance at the chart of China itself, especially in financial sectors 2 and 8 which hover on the one hand in the Black Moon and in the other Uranus in Aries conjunct the South Node. We understand that this fresh ‘junction point’ on Stock Markets has somehow deeper roots. As I said, it could not be dimmed or stopped.


China will cross for the next nine months through an opposition of cruel reality created by its financial plan – like a balloon about to deflate fast – and many will not be able to understand where and when the error occurred.


“I had too high expectations!”  “Where did I go wrong?”, “We were offered another reality!”, “I relied on unrealistic figures or statistics!”, “Just trust investing here!”


Lilith in the natal chart of China will be in opposition to Lilith in transit yet do not worry, all these questions will be answered and find their way to us in time.


Personally I do not want to worry anyone but it would be realistic to observe a few things for September.


On September 4th, there will be the perfect conjunction – Lilith-North Node (Destiny) and it is possible that a scenario can be established at this time on the financial future of the markets.


Saturn is still in Scorpio, retrograde until September 18th (in opposition with the Moon from the China chart). This means that there may be many dark moments ongoing in international Stock Markets, particularly in New York and Tokyo.


Yes, truly the entry of Jupiter in Virgo is good news for Stock Markets because it is meant to bring stability and long-term relations…with a touch more reality and moderation than what occurred when Jupiter was in Leo, exaggerating the situation in some cases.


October 10th sees Venus entering Virgo showing the first impression of a financial recovery which we all will feel, even if it is not the expected one. Something will be picked – for it is harvest time – but the winners are, and will remain, those who were the most realistic and did not risk too much!


It is difficult to make an analysis of the entire World.  We all have a slice of the chart and each of us, no matter which part of the globe we inhabit will see a re-balancing of resources.


Lilith is clear that this will result – restore order by first searching the depths and throwing out all the misery (and ah, so many will go out).


In the end, after a hefty spin from which you cannot see much around you, the final stop will occur immediately.  Being dizzy you will not understand what hit us…We can observe at that moment that things remaining standing are either different or they are made in a completely different way.


Rules are changing and going deep. Just notice!


Are you a Libra or do you have any planets ruled by this sign?  Do not hesitate to discover how things are for you!  Just leave your questions in the comments below or book a consultation with one of our specialists today.


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Editor: Lynda Cook

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