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Bazi  Analysis or your life' journey

Bazi Analysis or your life’ journey

What is self-help but knowing yourself. That’s our mission here and that’s our goal. You can achieve this through Bazi Analysis. When it comes to Bazi, people fall broadly into two categories. Those who have decoded their Destiny can act positively upon what they have learnt and see themselves as empowered by the knowledge, irrespective of whether or not what they learn is what they want to hear. Those who do nothing continue to hope that their wildest dreams and ambitions will magically appear. They won’t.


Every single Bazi has a dynamic and static component to it. It has an unchanging value, as well as a changing value. Destiny is not only what is already made, but also what you make of it.

Bazi is not written in stone… but it is as natural as stone.


Perhaps you’re skeptical. That’s fine. But we all know that we want to know. We want to learn. So why then do some people come out of a Bazi consultation feeling dissatisfied? The difference lies in how the person approaches the situation.

Yin & YangYin and Yang - the balance in your Bazi Analysis chart

Yin and Yang – the balance in your Bazi Analysis chart

A Bazi Analysis consultant will tell a person what is in the chart. That means the good and the bad. The role as a consultant is not to say “give up your dreams unless that dream is truly unattainable.” Her role is to encourage a person in the areas that they need and deserve encouragement and also offer them advice on avoiding the wayward path. There is a big difference between hope and false hope, Bazi is not about false hope.


Sometimes a consultant has to tell people things they don’t want to hear. One of the most obvious examples of telling people what they want to hear includes making it know that they will not become rich beyond their wildest dreams and they are not about to strike the lottery. It is often devastatingly hard for people to accept that they are going to have to make their money the old-fashioned wa.


Do we tell people to accept mediocrity? Mediocrity is a state of mind. It is a matter of perception. If you are modest laborer but your children are great success – are you mediocre? Maybe you’re not rich but if you are blissfully married and contented with your life, are you mediocre? Absolutely not.


Do we tell people to accept that they will never be millionaire? No! We tell them to realize that they will have to work harder and smarter to become millionaire. For some, opportunities are fewer and they must make the most of what comes their way. Thinking about short-cuts will not get you anywhere. Sure everyone wants to be millionaire at 30. But it does matter if you didn’t achieve it by 30 but you get there eventually?


In Bazi there are always solutions. But people who feel that Bazi offers no solution are people who don’t like what they have heard or refuse to move the goalposts. They insist on holding on to something which they haven’t even seen or understood in the first place. They are impatient, focused on the now, and cannot see how bad news can be good. If it was the case that bad news is never good then CNN would be out of business.


Empowerment is not just about working with the positive. It is also about the negative. Sometimes people only make progress after the jolt of bad news. Other times, they need hope and the knowledge that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bazi is not greedy. The practioner believes that the more you know the better you are.


People who win with Bazi and who gain the most out of Bazi Analysis are those with the ability to first accept a situation then figure out how to make the most of the situation.

Life loading...Your life is loading; through your Bazi Analysis can make the most of it

Your life is loading; through your Bazi Analysis can make the most of it

Decoding your Bazi Analysis or Decoding Your Destiny


We’ve already learned a great deal about Bazi Analysis. Now it is time to put things into practice. First, let’s remember that Bazi Analysis is about decoding your destiny and learning to change.


There are many things that are within the power of a person to change. Most of the time it is a question of whether they want to or do not want to do what is needed. Can they bite the bullet? Are they prepared?


Bazi is not about being ‘governed’ by destiny; it is about ‘shaping’ our destiny. If your destiny is good, follow it. If the destiny is unfavorable, then don’t walk down that path. Why do you think that in military academics they still teach officers about retreat? Because in war, pride is not a factor. Winning is what counts. And if you have to retreat to avoid defeat then you retreat.


Bazi Analysis: First, Find The Pivotal Moments


Your goal in life is to look for “pivotal moments.” These are moments when everything is as it should be and everything is ripe for change. You can stand by and let that moment slip past you or you can grab it and run with it. The choice is yours.


What if it has already passed by? Then you look for the next one and make the most of that – and trust me, there will be a next one. Complaining or feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere. Doing something means you have made an effort. The power is in your hands!


You can complain about your life, or you can get on with the business of achieving your goals, modified of course, to the circumstances and situations of your Destiny Code, and strive to be the best you can be, knowing what that is. The choice is yours!


The world has no room for losers today. But being a winner is not about crossing the finish line first or being one of the richest people on the planet. Being a winner is living your life on your terms, and being firmly in the driver’s seat, rather than being dictated by backseat drivers and the world outside. It is taking control of your life and facing up to yourself and making the best of your situation, warts and all. It is understanding who you are, being comfortable with that person, and achieving happiness.


Remember the point in Bazi is to get information and empower yourself. That means that if you have decoded something negative, or perhaps less-desirable in your Bazi, you NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Don’t just sit by and let that pivotal moment – as bad as it seems to be – pass you by.

Take Action – the vital part of your Bazi Analysis

Take Action – the vital part of your Bazi Analysis

Take Action – the vital part of your Bazi Destiny!


Changing your character to overcome weaknesses is never easy. Changing the way you think about yourself is accomplished only with hard effort. But that is why you have a 33% Man Luck factor – essentially the bearing of your free will on destiny.


But where clients and individuals are prepared to do what it takes and are willing to face up to the obstacles and challenges mental or otherwise, it is only then tha Destiny has a chance to be fulfilled and their dreams have a chance to come true. Knowing the problem and then taking active steps to prevent the problem from occurring is the ultimate in foreknowledge. Bazi is also knowing that when faced with a situation you realize that there are always options available to you. Bazi is not about living your life in fear. It is about knowing what to expect and then dealing with it in an intelligent and pragmatic manner- without fear.


In many cases, you might find that there are some positive codes in your chart! You absolutely must take action because only then you can benefit from the opportunities when they arrive. Perhaps you discover that you have some latent talents that have yet to be awakened – then it’s time to take action to unleash those hidden abilities. Your destiny is less a set of laws but a set of expected actions. Just as a flower blooms you, too, are to blooming.


What could be better than understanding your life path, making better decisions to shape your destiny, and living a better life. These should be your goals in studying your own personal Destiny Code.


Let’s Begin!

Bazi Analysis or how to do your work

Bazi Analysis or how to do your ‘life work’

Type of consultation – Domains and fields

Coaching Success has different meanings to everyone but the best route to success is by following a tried and true path. Mentoring is the only way to access a successful blueprint tailored to an individual and it is the most powerful agent for learning and growth. Mentorship is not for everyone. The best competitor in the world needs a very good coach in order to develop her full potential. The best businessmen in the world need very good mentors from which to train, learn, and flourish. Our mentoring program ensures that the candidate knows the path and walks the path.


Wealth and moneyWhat everybody wants to know is “Will I be rich?” The correct question to ask is “How can I become rich?” If a Bazi chart is used as a map, a Bazi consult is about discovering where you are right now, defining where you want to be, and finding out the routes to get there. In summary, you must first be  aware of your current situation then define what the goal, and finally determine the choices and options you have to get there.


Career Business InvestmentA Bazi chart can speak volumes of a person’s investment profile as well as their hidden gifts and talents. If you find out what your Day Master and Career Palace indicates you can discover if you are destined to profit from your passion. You can also find out if you have the profile of a business owner or if you should remain a professional. You can easily learn about the careers and functions where you will excel.


Relationship Consulting in relationships is more than just giving advice for the lovelorn. For some people, we transform their relationships and their lives; for others we help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety. A person’s Bazi chart offers a clear and concise interpretation of a person’s relationships. Everything, from love to friendship to family life to business partnerships, can be assessed in Analysis and, more important, we can use that analysis to trigger growth.


Health and Well-beingWhether your issue is fitness or illness, whether it’s physical or mental, whether it’s you or someone you love, consulting for Health and Well-being can provide you with solid strategy for health in any given situation. Health is a matter of being aware of your current state and finding where preventive actions can we taken. A person’s natal or destiny chart provides us with indications and clues. It also offers a method of detection as well a list of early warning signs. A solution to the root of the problem is possible and evident in the chart.


Profiling and Personal Assessments Bazi Analysis is a non-biased and non-judgmental profiling and personal assessment tool used to improve effectiveness and productivity. Based on the Date and Time of birth of a person, Bazi unlike any other question-based profiling systems – cannot be manipulated. Designed primarily for hiring managers and people who make decisions on hiring, Bazi profiling can help determine a candidate’s possible behavior, character traits, talents, and potential roles inherent in their personal charts. More important, it helps facilitate business owners to make better decisions by knowing what really motivates these individuals and how to manage them.


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