The Power to choose the best ‘Date Selection’ and the ‘Golden Moment’

Date Selection. The timing of a given action has always been of crucial importance.

The objective of Date Selection is to identify a suitable date/time where the ‘Qi’ best supports the activity to be undertaken. More importantly, Date Selection ensures that the selected date/time resonates with your Bazi chartWhen you are in harmony with the ‘Qi’, you will be able to maximize the potential for success. Make sure to avoid the bad days and hours; then use the beneficial ones provided that there are any left.

The concept behind Date Selection is simple: the objective is to carry out an activity at the point in which the energies of the universe are optimized for that particular endeavor. In that way, a particular event can commence on a positive note and footing. Originally utilized for matters relating to war and peace, Date Selection was eventually extended to key activities such as planting and harvesting of crops, marriages, moving into a new house, travel and burial. This article will reveal some of the methods used in Date Selection and will pinpoint dates that are particularly prosperous for certain activities, while also pointing out dates on which important business or personal decisions should be avoided – and why.


The knowledge to change destinies is to know when to bent it in your favor, to let you live your life at its fullest potential. Nothing more, nothing less.


Therefore the saying ‘doing the right thing at the right time‘.

Date Selection and The Golden Moment

Date Selection and The Golden Moment

Silently they are using it! Silently they are doing well, despite the fact that they don’t speak openly about it. If I would have known what i know for the last two years, my life storms would have looked differently. I shared few stories about how powerful Date Selection is here.


One, who has no idea how limiting it gets when observing all these rules, can ask: well, what is the big deal – you have so many days and hours to choose from? Well, that is true, but only on the surface. In front of your competitors who knows how to use it correctly, the Win makes the difference.


Date Selection in modern context can be utilized for many activities. Relationship-related activities such as business meetings, negotiations or personal relationship matters such as a proposal are within the scope of Qi Men Dun Jia Time Selection. It is also used for wealth related activities such as collecting debts or making payments for investment purposes or even something as straightforward as applying for a loan. Qi Men can also be applied to more conventional activities like sitting for an exam, or submitting a thesis, or for career-related activities like applying for a promotion or rise seeking a job or succeeding an interview. Give its war strategy origins; it is also very useful to those in the political arena, wherein timing one’s actions is essential. Here are some ways in which Chinese Date Selection can be used, keeping always in mind that there are auspicious days to do it, days to avoid at all costs and permissible days to do it:


  • Love and relationships
  • Business
  • Caesarian Birth
  • Marriage
  • Family Reunion
  • Moving and travel
  • Going to a doctor/surgery/consultation
  • Resolving court cases
  • Debts collect
  • Building a home
  • Launching a business
  • Moving to a new home
  • Starting to study a given subject Academic pursuits and success
  • Launching a book
  • Asking for a raise
  • Approaching powerful people/patrons/businesses to ask a favor


The Power of a Good Date Selection


Date Selection and Bazi Analysis are two effective tools to predict outcomes and give you an idea of what to expect before it comes, especially if used responsibly and in context. Along with Date Selection, this is just two of the potent tools within the repertoire of Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphisics. I hope it’s enough of a taste to enable you to want to savour more!


Most people understand the importance of getting a good date to do certain activities like get married of hold on official opening. However people often do not understand WHY having a good date is important. For most getting a good date for an important activity is to fulfill some superstitious belief or to satisfy some cultural requirement (another box to be kicked off in the long list of wedding to-dos!)


My note: even if you don’t spend money to get the best Date Selection for your major activities, you’ll definitely spend money to repair the damages for a bad date selection chosen … when things goes wrong.


The Golden Moment and The Date Selection


What is Time Selection and how is it different from Date Selection? Time Selection essentially refers to finding the right point in time to undertake an activity or endeavor. Now, conventional Date Selection methods which use the Dong Gong and 1 Day Officer system (terms derivative from Chinese Metaphysics) incorporate Time Selection as well. But conventional Date Selection only involves the hour, once the date is verified as auspicious and favorable for that activity.



Qi Men Dun Jia techniques enable us to find a real “golden moment– an hour in a day combined with a specific direction and a specific action that can successfully be undertaken irrespective of whether or not it is a good day, and based in conventional Date Selection methods. In short, it could be the worst day of the year, but with Qi Men Dun Jia, it is possible to pinpoint one specific hour, and one specific direction, that will enable a particular action to succeed.


As an example, in some of the instances above, the Qi Men Dun Jia consultant will first plot the Qi Men charts for the relevant hours in the day. So, for example, a person wants to attend a job interview to be held in the afternoon. The Qi Men consultant will then plot all the Qi Men charts for the afternoon. The person will then be told what time they must depart for the interview, and preferably in which direction they should approach the building.


Qi Men Dun Jia is generally considered a specialized field in Chinese Metaphysics and understandably, not many Feng Shui practitioners include QM in their repertoire of skills. For the modern Feng Shui Consultants who are trained in Qi Men, they usually use it as a supplementary technique to Feng Shui, as for example in Date Selection where the Qi Men technique can be used to help clients refine the selection of a suitable date in which to move into a property, or to commence renovations.

The Universe studied by Chinese for the last 6000 years; photo by Mircea Goia

The Chinese have studied the Universe for over 5000 years; Photo by Mircea Goia

Changing the course of history?


In Hong Kong and Taiwan, many books on Qi Men Dun Jia are focused on the use of Qi Men for less than kosher activities like committing bank robberies or evading escape or criminal activity. People tend to forget that these books are usually written “after the fact” and unfortunately, it tends to contribute to the belief that Qi Men is an “occult” or deviationist technique and school. Such is the scary reputation of Qi Men that some Masters have conveniently used this as a “justification” for not teaching Qi Men to their students!


The secretive and mysterious nature of Qi Men is more likely due to the effectiveness of Qi Men, rather than its ability to be used for less-than-legitimate activities. Since it was such a handy and useful technique, the ancient Imperial families naturally wanted to keep it to themselves. Outsiders assumed that this was because it was deviationist (rather than just too good a secret to share), and that’s how Qi Men got its deviationist tag.

Date Selection and Qi Men Dun Jia

Date Selection and Qi Men Dun Jia

Theoretically, Qi Men can be used to change the course of history. I want to emphasize the word “theoretically”. Yes, a person pursued by a mob of 10,000 people screaming for his blood, could probably try to use the Escape Door (one of the 8 Mystical Doors) of the hour. But when you’re running for your life, who has time to plot Qi Men chart (and it does take a good 15 minutes!) and then run in the right direction? You are just too busy running!


This is just like how, theoretically, Qi Men can be used to help you find a parking lot in an over-crowded mall. By the time you’ve plotted the cart for the hour and figured out where to drive, you probably would have found a parking lot! So, the idea of Qi Men for use in deviationist activities is sound in theory, but honestly, not possible to undertake in reality.


Timing is everything. When you choose the right time, the right moment to get married; launch a business; conduct an opening ceremony; file a lawsuit – the list is virtually endless – you are tuning into the energies of a certain date and time that is in harmony with you and your endeavor.

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