Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - the USA elections

The Power Of Qi Men: Who is Destined To Be The Next American President?

Where America is standing now


America will vote on November 8, 2016. In the heat of the most insane election there has ever been, Barack Obama is ending his eight years at the White House.


The first African-American president is leaving office at a moment when more than two-thirds of Americans think race relations are bad — a sharp increase from the dawn of his presidency. He acknowledged some of this failure in Dallas.

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The manufacturer of Emirates


His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Sheik is an honorific in the Arabic language that literally means “elder” and carries the meaning “leader and/or governor”. It is commonly used to designate the front man of a tribe  who got this title after his father, or an Islamic scholar who got this title after graduating from the basic Islamic school. The title is sometimes more informally used with regard to people who have a certain financial or political influence, but especially in relation to royalty and other nobility.


A sheikh who is wise is called akīm adjective (wise) حكيم‎, ākim noun (governor) حاكم‎, yakum verb (govern) يحكم‎; and can govern.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum


“A perfect Leader, to put the things in the right place! We all have seen as what Emirates as an airline & Dubai Civil aviation has achieved under his leadership. A very good movement by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum named his uncle Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum as a Chairman and Chief Executive of the Emirates Airline and President of DCAA and Chairman of Dubai Airports, this way becoming one of the most prominent figure from the Middle East. “
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