Why eyes on China’s should be 1 of the 7 “deadly sins”

According to Forbes “The world lost 66 Billionaires in 8 days amid the Stock Market Tumult”  – China, unsurprisingly, was hit hardest. It lost the most: 21 billionaires. The U.S. came in second (9 billionaires), India was third (6 billionaires) and Russia ranked fourth (5 billionaires).


For several days the news around the world has been something like…


  • Financial Stock Market derailed with the highest risk of triggering a new global financial crisis
  • The hot spot conflict country is Korea (North vs South)
  • Europe is under a massive assault with immigrants arriving from Africa and the Middle East
  • Tensions between USA and Russia with a weak Europe caught in the middle; exhausted and without any solid horizon


All at the same time. What does all this mean? Signs?

Beautiful Dark Moon

Beautiful Dark Moon

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